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Shovel Sketch-Pad

need a shovel? take a new page!
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To pick up some small piles of dust and pencil shavings from the studio floor, a shovel is an essential item, but sometimes none can be found. In this case a sheet of card or paper can be deployed, but it's not a great solution until the introduction of the Shovel Sketch-Pad.

The Shovel Sketch-Pad is a sketch book that takes the form of light-weight card sheets, each of which can be torn off and used as a simple shovel. This is because two of the sides and the back of each of the sheets are pre-scored so that they easily fold over to make into a basic shovel shape.

xenzag, Dec 01 2011

Not a simple shovel, but a complex shovel... http://www.giladori...om/PG_Vehicles.html
[normzone, Dec 01 2011]


       sortof neat, but what [21] said. You might consider mounting the whisk/dustpan flush on the underside of a table where it isn't noticeable yet readily available.
FlyingToaster, Dec 01 2011

       The point is that Shovel Sketch-Pad is needed when there is no conventional shovel available....time to give up here for a while methinks.
xenzag, Dec 01 2011

       You could make the studio floor a grating, so the dust and pencil shavings fall through.
pocmloc, Dec 01 2011

       Steady on, [bigsleep]! We don't want to get all new-fangled and contraptionous here!
Seriously tho', a standard A4 printer sheet, with the application of some quick origami, will suffice. If you're REALLY fast, you can roll up a second sheet, attack one end with the scissors, and you have a small broom too.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 01 2011

       The problem here is the premise that piles of dust and pencil shavings need to be removed from the floor.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2011


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