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Shower-mould preventer

Stops the mould on the bath/shower
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I don't know for how many people this is relevant, but if your tiles around your bath/shower have large spaces where there is growt then the chances are after a while of water spraying onto it, the growt will turn black from mould.

I was thinking how to prevent this and thought maybe have a sponge around the bath with a handle at the end to squeeze the sponge after every shower. Then every maybe 6months you may have to replace the sponge.

Admittedly the idea needs some modification, but it is still in its infancy

frost100, Nov 05 2007

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       While it might be a "handy hint" it's hardly much of an invention. I assume that "growt" is grout? By the way welcome [frost100], but could you not invent some sort of automatic version of this? - a little grout-bot that patrols the shower walls, sniffing out mould and zapping it with bleach?
xenzag, Nov 05 2007

       I think incorporation of copper sulfate into the grout would give the grout a not unpleasant bluish tinge, and should permanently prevent mold growth. Copper sulfate can be purchased in hardware stores. Anyone who is inclined to give this a try please remember to use a portion of untreated grout to serve as a control.
bungston, Nov 05 2007

       Have you seen the unit that is designed for showers that simply sprays bleach all around after each shower? Sounds like what you want, just without the sponge part.
DrCurry, Nov 05 2007

       The problem with epoxy grout is that I want more money to do the grouting than the tile install itself.   

       [frost100] Get yourself a good penetrating grout sealer and slather on a coat or two. This will keep the grout from sucking up water. No water, no mould.   

       My shower gets mold even on the glass doors and I got the automatic sprayer gizmo and it malfunctioned in about a month (probably from the humidity). I think the issue is airflow to carry away all the moisture. I wonder if a sheeting car wax would carry the water away more completely.
MisterQED, Nov 07 2007

       wiffowt, growt, innit?
4whom, Nov 07 2007

       Mould was here before us, and will undoubtedly, be here long after we are gone.
4whom, Nov 07 2007

       I instantaneously thought the other way . A shower with lush moss growing wall to wall . door ? keeping the moss alive ??
wjt, Nov 09 2007

       I used cement as a grout and after it had two days setting I gave it three coats of slate sealing varnish. It's been in perfect condition every since.
vincevincevince, Nov 09 2007


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