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Shower Foot Soap Stand

Kind of like a shoe buffer, only with soap
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I remember long ago, when I use to visit my grandmother, she would have a machine that my brothers and I would love to play with. It had a big chrome middle part (where the engine was) and a fluffy blue cone on the left and a fluffy red cone on the right. It almost looked like a "T" with the arms being the cones. With a flip of the switch in the middle of the chrome the fluffy cones on either side would start spinning incredibly fast. Then, one would put their shoes against the spinning cones and buff them to a shining perfection. We, being the boys we were, would try to buff G.I. Joe's face off...

Now, back to the idea... Have a wooden stand akin to the one mentioned above but with no motor. Instead of fluffy cones, have cones of soap. And since there is no motor to buff the feet up there needs to be little scrubbing beads (or I've even seen seeds and sand put in it) on the top and points of the cones so the calloused parts of the feet can get the proper scrubbing they need. The bottom of the cones should be smooth so as to not irritate the skin on the top of the feet.

Replacement soap is a must. There can be different colored soaps and different 'flavors' of soap. Spring Rain, Autumn Mist (or 'Myst' so as to make a few extra $'s), and rose petals, etc etc. The insert the soap would go on would have to be beveled in such a way that the scrubby part would always fit on top and not move in the middle of a foot scrubbing. Also, the base would either have to be weighted, suctioned, or bolted down so the unit wouldn't move in the midst of a vigorous scrubbing.
barnzenen, Aug 22 2003

Prototype Shower Foot Soap Stand? http://www.anti-sli...ector/bootdissm.gif
Er, wouldn't this work? [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

shoe buffer machine http://store6.yimg....tstand_1755_1481069
My soapy foot vision didn't include the handle, just seemed a bit too much in the shower. [barnzenen, Oct 17 2004]


       Oh yeah! Now we can clean GI Joe until he frigging gleams!

DeathNinja, Aug 23 2003

       Wouldn't it tickle?
TeaTotal, Aug 24 2003

       Gawd jurist, that picture looks like it would hurt to use on bare feet. Very heavy duty nylon brushes indeed! Have googled and will post pic of the shoe buffer machine. And no, TeaTotal, it shouldn't tickle. At least I wouldn't think it would, the part of the soap you put the bottoms of your feet against is suppose to be like a loofa(sp?), rough to the point of scratching the external dermal layers off.
barnzenen, Aug 25 2003

       Consider it a tattoo removal machine for feet.
DeathNinja, Aug 25 2003

       //Consider it a tattoo removal machine for feet//   

I7D, Aug 25 2003

       I like the basic concept, but the design seems flawed in one way. Wet soap gets soft and mushy after a while, so the cones would most likely fall off their stand after a few showers, especially with the added pressure of those dirty feet.   

       I think it may be better to keep a knobby design flat on the floor for scrubbing. Add liquid soap as needed each shower and make sure the water does not sit in there (mildew - ick!). Whaddaya think?
XSarenkaX, Sep 04 2003

       [+] This post needs more luvin' . . . also more attachments so you can get rid of all the different kinds of buildup while polishing the footies.
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2014

       A ton of TLC being splattered all over this idea. Why not. [barnzenen] and I are still rather close and I will tell him you polished off his old idea. He'll be tickled pink, Toaster person.
blissmiss, Aug 23 2014

       At one university union hall in Poland, dropping subnormal fees into a coffee machine elicits spinning shoe-shining brushes, free. It seems as if the machine should really brux the sides of your face into wakefullness.
4and20, Aug 23 2014

       [blissy] I was just about to post this idea when I thought "hey, just for a change, I'll check first".
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2014


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