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Showerhead soap dispenser

Dispenses liquid soap with water through showerhead
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Want to save time in the shower? Hate having to mess with washcloths or those pesky shower scrungies? The solution is simple--a special plastic tube connects to your shower head; the other end of the tube connects to a bottle of liquid soap. With the flip of a switch, liquid soap is pulled through the showerhead, along with the water, giving you an instant foam bath (just like at the car wash!). When you're ready to rinse, just flip the switch back. Never miss getting those hard-to-reach places clean again!
kimsgems, Aug 24 2001

(?) Baked. http://www.covina.c...hdfl.htm#showereasy
Toasty! [StarChaser, Aug 24 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Scare the hungover with the simple addition of red colouring.
Pallex, Aug 24 2001

       Oooh the practical joke potential. What painful, sticky, or embarrassing substances could I add to one of those plastic tubes?   

       Most food industry places I've worked have had this sort of soap dispenser for taps, why not for showers? Good idea.
sdm, Aug 24 2001

       What about attaching a hopper with some fine sand or similar abrasive and then you wouldn't need a scrubbing brush. And then possibly there would be no need for the shower scum eating slugs as it would gently scour the stall for you.
Gordon Comstock, Aug 24 2001

       gordon: Then move out, before your landlord comes and has to replace the bath, plumbing etc. Unless you used salt, or some other water soluble compound.
Pallex, Aug 24 2001

       Oh, Gordon--my plumber would love you!
kimsgems, Aug 24 2001

       <grumbles as Google again ignores 3/4ths of the search phrase, despite it being in 'this exact phrase', and then demonstrates that you can't do the most innocent search without getting porn...<Not it's fault.>>
StarChaser, Aug 25 2001

       Hum, I wanted to patent that idea after having a eureka moment in the shower the other day but someone beat me to it! bugger!!
Starmanz, Jan 03 2002


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