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Shrinkwrapped buildings

Another way to put photographic images on whole buildings
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I'm not sure if you *could* shrinkwrap a whole building, but if you can shrinkwrap a bus and if you can put a tarp over a whole ball field, then I suspect the two technologies may converge. For that matter, why is the tarp on a profootball field not a giant advertising photograph?
cloudface, Oct 07 2003

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       They do put photographic images on buildings - never been to New York?
DrCurry, Oct 07 2003

       I seem to recall that the Museum of Modern Art was gift-wrapped a while ago.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       An Ad on the rain tarp is an excellent idea, companies spend millions of dollars on short ad campains,   

       Think about it, 60,000 captive people sitting around staring at your ad waiting for the rain to stop. How much is that worth......
SystemAdmin, Oct 07 2003

       the thing about going all reichstag on it is that the entire german parliament got a two week vacation while this stunt was on display. the building could not be occupied.   

       i guess you could have ac vents going through the plastic and stuff
politiquefiction, May 10 2004


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