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Shroud of Turing Test

examine shroud and determine if it was created by an artificial intelligence
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Alan Turing based his famous question: "Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the [Turing test]"? on the notion that if a person was not able to determine whether or not they were receiving answers from a living being or a machine, and if it was subsequently shown that a machine was responsible, then that machine would be said to be capable of displaying a degree of artificial intelligence.

What is less known is that he also left behind a shroud.

So far no one has been able to determine whether or not this particular length of fabric was totally made by hand or is the work of a machine that possess a large measure of artificial intelligence.

It consists of a single sheet of material (10 feet by 3 feet) upon which are printed a continuous string of numbers, letters and symbols. These are layered to add to their complexity. In between each line, other fainter lines are printed in shades of grey, and close examination reveals more and more strings of similar material, descending until they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

The problem arising is this: Turing maintained that the shroud articulates the famous philosophical question that came to be known as "The Turing Test"; that it originated and was created from within the machine on that he was working; that it was printed out overnight when he was not around to witness its production; that he was able to decipher the message. Do we believe him?

If true then the Turing Shroud is the physical manifestation of an artificial intelligence. If not then of course it is an elaborate hoax.

This then is the Shroud of Turing Test: "Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the [Shroud of Turing test]"

xenzag, Apr 10 2010

Turing test http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test
[xenzag, Apr 10 2010]

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A sort-of-related idea. [sninctown, Apr 11 2010]

The $1m challenge: ‘If the Turin Shroud is a forgery, show how it was done’ https://www.theguar...=Share_iOSApp_Other
[xenzag, Apr 20 2022]


       [xen] I would be prepared to give you ten buns for the title alone. Add the content and the idea, and it's still worth at least nine buns.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2010

       Even I can pass the Turing test.

I think.
kaz, Apr 11 2010

       I can't pass my own Turing test.
sninctown, Apr 11 2010

       Best title ever.
zeno, Apr 11 2010

       Well, is The Shroud Turing Machine washable?
Dub, Apr 11 2010

       Hmm, there's already a sort of anti-Christianity for atheists, with Darwin as, I dunno, a sort of secular saint. Maybe Alan Turing could be the Lamb who died for our sins.
mouseposture, Apr 11 2010

       //Maybe Alan Turing could be the Lamb who died for our sins.//
Oh shit - I think I just barbequed Him.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2010

       //I just barbequed Him// said jesting [AbsintheWithoutLeave] and washed his hands.
mouseposture, Apr 11 2010

Dub, Apr 12 2010

       Note to all….. there is a million dollar prize available to anyone who can replicate the Shroud of Turin using whatever modern methods they choose. (See link details)
xenzag, Apr 20 2022


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