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reverse turing strategy

Computer convinces human that she is only a machine
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In a Turing test where the machine is supposed to convince the human that it (the machine) is human, and not a machine, the machine (the computer program) convinces the human that she (the human) is also a machine.

Or is that what [ixnaum] (link) had in mind with his Strong Turing Test idea?

pashute, Sep 05 2023

ixnaum's idea Strong Turing Test
I'm presuming Naum is the name of Nahum, and that he is male... Maybe I got that wrong too [pashute, Sep 05 2023]


       There is nothing, everything is an illusion
pocmloc, Sep 05 2023

       Teach machines to gaslight us, great idea!
21 Quest, Sep 05 2023

       Actually, this wouldn't be all that difficult. All it would have to do is ask a human to solve one of the more challenging captchas.
21 Quest, Sep 05 2023


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