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In the spirit of the ‘bakery, we’re taking overpriced gadgetry from the realm of what most would consider overkill into a world of fascinating novelty for the rich and famous.

The last time I played Spades is the first time I thought of this: there’s always a minute or so dedicated to arranging your cards in a particular manner after the cards are dealt. This particular manner is (nearly) always the same particular manner for any particular game.

This automatic card shuffler takes care of such a stupid nuisance by implementing some sort of card recognition system. Be it RFID or barcode or what-have-you, it comes with a few decks of specialized cards, as well settings for all of your favorite games. So the next time you play Bridge or Hearts or what-have-you, you’ll be able to start one round before you would otherwise finish the previous…

The best thing since the last thing that was better than this thing.

yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 11 2004




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