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Hire a Sidekick
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Feel that something is missing? Cant solve those Super-Problems on your own any more? Too busy to find a Sidekick? Then you need Hire-a-Sidekick!

All types of sidekicks would be supplied, small, tall, extremly stupid or just available for light entertainment in a life threatening situation.

(Lycra optional)

gribz, Jan 05 2002

Moral Support Counselor http://www.halfbake...upport_20Counsellor
For sctld and notripe. [DrBob, Jan 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       I would like on that would repeat the main points of what i say in order to back me up and make me seem right, even when i say north is south and black is white. No, it really is...
[ sctld ], Jan 05 2002

       I would like on(e) that little "e" makes all the difference in the legibility stakes.
po, Jan 05 2002

       [ sctld ], so would I. Maybe we could team up and save the Hire-a-Sidekick deposit.
notripe, Jan 05 2002

       halfkick surely!
po, Jan 05 2002

       notripe, i'll have him Mondays & Wenesdays, you can have him on Teusdays & Fridays, Thursdays we change him due to lisencing laws, and on Saturdays Sundays and Jewish High Holy Days Kaptain Kosher gets him.
[ sctld ], Jan 06 2002

       But I'm ALWAYS right on a monday. Although that being said, maybe I could look after myself then. OK - but big emergencies (forgetting birthdays, court appearances etc) are negotiable. And I get him for April 1st.
notripe, Jan 07 2002

       forget sparki now, she's long gone. thank goodness and gordon!
po, Jan 07 2002


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