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Sidescroller Park

Like Mario in real life.
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Visitors to Sidescroller Park enter through a small door into a narrow, straight passageway. This passageway is so narrow, in fact, that it prevents movement in any direction but forwards and backwards. Inside the passageway are a variety of obstacles, platforms, and motorized “enemies” that can only be stopped by jumping on top of them. Scattered throughout the platforms and obstacles are token “coins” that can be collected.

The end of the passageway opens up to a castle that contains a food court and arcade games, along with other rewards for finishing the first level. “Coins” collected during the run can be redeemed for food and games. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Beyond the first castle are more levels, with more enemies, longer jumps, and gaps in the floor filled with water. Every time the player touches an enemy or falls in a gap, they lose a life. Extra lives can only be purchased with cash at each castle. Castles contain better rewards the farther you go.

Visitors who make it to the end of the last dungeon have to face off with a big, fire breathing “boss” monster in order to obtain the ultimate prize—free admission to the sequel!

The walls of the levels are painted one-way mirrors, with hidden cameras following the players' every step from the side. Visitors can purchase videos of themselves completing the level, or making a speed run.

DrWorm, Aug 28 2010

Rabbit game http://www.manorfar...k/product.php?id=15
Definitely not kosher [pashute, Aug 29 2010]


       This is uncanny. You have described Stansted Airport precisely.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2010

       + In Hebrew its called "The Brave Rabbit". My kids still play it even at age 19, I think it reached version 12.   

       See link, for what I found when Googled for Rabbit Game...
pashute, Aug 29 2010


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