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strange games

a theme park where you try and get out of labyrinth-like physical/mental challenge course with many changing twists, some of which were created by other teams
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there would have to be something holding it all together, I think some kind of maze or a river trip- somehow you have to find and reach the end of the journey to escape back into normal life. But along the way, instead of objects that perform for the visitors, there are objects which imply a challenge or action (for example: you are in a canoe in a natural river and you see what looks like a person thrashing about drowning; upon investigation, it is only a left arm and part of a torso, and robotic... but will people jump in to try and find out?) and places where you are encouraged or compelled to compete with other groups of people for clues or prestige(every war game ever would be better with more complex flexible and changing rules(like multiple means of death- water baloons, paintball, lightsabers, throwing ceramics at each other), the possibility of treachery, spies (that would work well in a maze) obstacles to fight around (like a floor made entirely of greased marbles), and a really surreal setting) opportunities for those inclined to be creative and express themselves for future participants (Graffiti encouraged by giving out spray paint, you can rearrange maze components after reaching a certain score, etc) and perhaps most important breaking out of the traditional role of the game (towards the end, you have to break some of the the assumed rules, and perhaps the equipment, to win- and you do win- we would say up fron the only rule is not to have rules...)
adeps, May 28 2002

Entros http://www.entros.com/entros_frame.html
The restaurants closed, the company lives. [hello_c, May 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Reminds me of the sit-down exercises you do when, for example, a management consultant comes in to your company to try to encourage entrenched employees to communicate and try harder and smarter. I went through one of these back in the early 80's. One exercise was for each ad hoc team of employees to determine the best course of action to follow assuming your plane had just crashed, and all you have are a case of whiskey, some candles, a tarp, some flares, etc. You are on a mountaintop amid a blizzard and freezing temperatures. What are your priorities and what is your survival strategy?   

       It could be fun--it could also reveal character or the lack thereof in the people who are closest to you.
entremanure, May 28 2002

thumbwax, May 28 2002

       Baked; by the camps UnaBubba mentions and also by Entros, for instance, which made much of its suitability for office parties.   

       Game One for you: a shorter idea name! the one you have is a good description, but darn long for the site layout.
hello_c, May 29 2002

       Fishbone for the really long title.
mighty_cheese, May 29 2002

       thank you! this is very good! and I will be more cautious about titles from now on. Also I think it is a good idea and I am glad someone is already doing it! that is much better!
adeps, May 29 2002

       has anyone seen the TV Show "It's A Knockout"? Very similar.
thelumberjack, May 29 2002

       Perhaps you could persuade Day-ay-vid Bowie to reprise his finest screen role, Jareth the Goblin King.
calum, May 29 2002

       I withdraw my fishbone for the long-ass title.
mighty_cheese, May 29 2002

       Drew Carey wasn't 'edited' in, it was a different version of the show with him as host. Kind of like Scrapheap Challenge / Junkyard Wars with the new American host <Boo!>.
StarChaser, Jun 01 2002


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