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A easy cue to ASL
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Like Chinesey (see linked Ted Talk) this would be an 8 sign basis for all other signs, with a clever way of remembering each one. In the linked video on "Chinesey" (a simple and effective way to learn Chinese characters in a short period of time, they give 8 basic characters on which many others are based. The same thing happens in ASL and there is a similar clever way to remember each. For instance "learn" in ASL is one hand pulling off the other and moving up to the head, as if the signer was pulling information out of a book and putting it in their head. Maybe this is not an exact example but it goes towards the fundamental reason why any linguistic meaning sticks which is that iris clever and it can be used to show cleverness and is useful as a tool. So anyway, someone should make a "Chinesey" version of American Sign Language.
Private Boney Bunney, May 15 2013

Learn Chinese characters in 5 minutes Ted Talk http://www.ted.com/...utm_expid=166907-27
[Private Boney Bunney, May 15 2013]




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