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scientific equipment simulacrum

teaching the practice of science---using simulated virtual tools of science
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in every field of EMPIRICAL science, there are tools. even simple tools.

of course, in university students take laboratory classes. laboaratory is not only expensive to conduct and teach but very time in-elastic and very one off without room for as much repractice as many people might need. furthermore, field tools not used in the lab are often only taught to people on field trips , themselves even more infrequent.

the reality is that after schooling most scientists learn how to use their tools on the job, experiment by experiment, under the rubric of working in a lab or field research experiment.

I propose a website destination with two or three dimension ( occulus rift ) simulation of the tools used in EVERY type of empirical research.

researchers can volunteer to help programmers develop simulations for the simplest to the most sophisticated tools used in laboratory and field settings.

slowly , the simulations provide a wholistic training regimen for students who otherwise really have no access to lab or field education, let alone access to the actual tools or to the actual circumstances under which said tools are generally used.

the goal is to help prepare people for using tools of research and observation in advance of actually using them. side benefits will inevitably result from attempting to achieve this goal.

teslaberry, Feb 19 2014




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