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Silicone-Based Underwater Breathing System

Use Silicone's Oxygen Permeability for a Scuba System
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Obviously, as our oxygen needs are quite high, you'd need something with a large surface area for it to work effectively. It may be workable for personal use, or perhaps only for submersibles and such. Since there is oxygen all over in the ocean's waters, this would make possible much longer trips (and much deeper, since you must decompress for a period of time).
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

Other Gases In The Water http://www.straight...columns/001110.html
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       What exactly are you proposing to do with silicone? Make a submarine? Make an osmosis thingy?
ImBack, Feb 27 2003

       Sort of osmosis. See, silicone is an excellent *water* sealant, but oxygen can penetrate it. And there's lots of oxygen dissolved in seawater.   

       So if you tried to breathe in through silicone, you could get oxygen from the water.
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

       I'm not either. But if *anyone* was, it'd be baked already.
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

       Breathing through your tits - I love it! [Pictures snorkel system based on this.]
DrCurry, Feb 27 2003

       Now thats funny,nice one Doc !
skinflaps, Feb 27 2003

       Though it may be possible to absorb dissolved oxygen from deep waters, it saves nothing in diving terms. The air you breathe must be comprised mostly of other gasses that you will need to bring with you, and the deeper you go the less O2 you want in the mix. It’s an oxygen toxicity thing. </diver>
Shz, Feb 27 2003

       Then what of 'pure oxygen diving theory'? Also, who says there aren't other gases in the water?
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

       Evidently, there are: [link]
Amos Kito, Feb 27 2003

       As in decompression in a hyperbaric chamber [galuk]?   

       If nitrogen and helium can be extracted then I’m all for it.
Shz, Feb 27 2003

       I don't think anyone said there weren't other gases in the water. But you're taking advantage of the oxygen permeable quality of silicon here. Is silicon helium- and nitrogen-permeable too?
waugsqueke, Feb 27 2003

       I don't know. And it's silicon *e*; silicone.   

       [Shz], you need to decompress on the way up to *avoid* needing a hyperbaric chamber.
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

       I know how to decompress, thank you. I’m merely stating that the only time you need pure oxygen is if something went really wrong and you’re in a hyperbaric chamber. If too much oxygen is used at multiple atmospheres you’re toast.   

       But out of curiosity, what is the “pure oxygen diving theory”? – never heard of it.
Shz, Feb 27 2003

       I'm not sure either, but I heard of it somewhere. Tried to look for it once, but I didn't get many results.
galukalock, Feb 27 2003

       How do I do, stick a silicone gun up my nostrils and skirt coupla ounces or what?.
finflazo, Apr 23 2004

       What is it with all the new idears now that make absolutely no sense?
EvilPickels, Dec 13 2005

eupoth, Dec 14 2005


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