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Snorkeling water park

A water park for exercize tourisum, Snorkeling or scuba water park.
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It would be cool, Especially here in the Phoenix area to have a couple of thousand feet of winding cannal. Snorkeling would exist in one lane, a second would have saltwater fish, then a walking path would exist in another. All lanes separated by viewing glass. It wouldn't be to very deep for safety and costs, but it would be great exersize for the sea-hunter in us all. Swimmers would pay less than walkers maybe. Ladies are free. Oh-snap!, maybe that shouldn't be eoncouraged? -Did I mention the water would be pumped down the lanes, so you could just float on by if you wanted to?
arilea, Nov 12 2006


       I'm guessing you need to get your parents to relocate to the Caribbean. St. John has a water park just like this, complete with underwater trail signs (only it's called the sea; walking might be a little tricky). And admission is entirely free.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2006

       Come to San Diego, and I'll take you to La Jolla Cove.
normzone, Nov 12 2006


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