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Silly String Mulch

Mulch in a can
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Instead of sprinkling mulch from a bag, spray it from a can. Obviously, one would need to alter the silly string material from plastic, to something more boidegradable (perhaps a soy-based foam, such as is used in building insulation). Fertilizer would probably be easy to include, but seeds would likely have to be seperate.
goldbb, May 18 2009

Hydro-spraymulch http://www.national...m/hydro-spraymulch/
Similar to what you propose. [bungston, May 18 2009]


       Might have to be a pretty big cannister. Also wouldn't it need a propellant? (As for the seeding...well just spitting them towards the ground has always worked for me.)
blissmiss, May 18 2009

       The propellant could be the same as regular silly string uses... some freon variant, or butane, or whatever.   

       As for the seeds, do you really spit them (from your mouth?) toward the ground? :)
goldbb, May 19 2009

       Fire extinguisher sized. I can see kids having fights with these, great. Messy though, especially if inside.
wjt, May 19 2009


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