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Thrashing garden hose irrigation

Water your lawn in the most entertaining way possible
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When firemen lose control of their hose nozzles the water pressure causes the hoses to fling themselves around like spastic snakes. [link] This would be a colorful and entertaining way to water your lawn.

Start with a regular garden hose running out to several heavy metal bases. Screwed into the tops of the bases would be short lengths of colorful lightweight flexible rubber hose. When turned on, the water would spray upwards causing the hoses to twitch and gyrate, throwing water every which way. Entertain the kids and water the lawn/garden simultaneously.

whatrock, Jan 17 2016

loose hose https://www.youtube...watch?v=GzSVQGarHI0
hose got away from user [whatrock, Jan 17 2016]

Fibre Optic Lamps http://media-cache-...54dd955a3b1692a.jpg
Like this [AngelEleven, Jan 17 2016]

Irriguanna [xenzag, Jan 17 2016]

Mad Wrestling Hose Man Mad_20Wrestling_20Hose_20Man
The Mad Wrestling Hose Man union is going to talk with you about this concept. [bungston, Jan 17 2016]

Ten tickles Burt. https://www.youtube...watch?v=LJmVYTBlMiw
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 17 2016]


       Love this idea. It reminds me of those things in the 80's with fibre optics, the big competitor of lava lamps. I cant remember what they are called. The colourful tubes, if made with some fibre optics embedded could also function as a beautiful display at night.
AngelEleven, Jan 17 2016

       See last link.
xenzag, Jan 17 2016

       See [link] after the last link.   

       That octopus is cute. I like the idea of a tanker truck with a number of these on the roof for a 4th of July parade.
bungston, Jan 17 2016

       Mmm. Baked six years ago. That certainly is a cute octopus.
whatrock, Jan 17 2016


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