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Silver Surfer Cartridge

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For those like me who love to play lots of vinyl records on their fab original Linn turntables, a good cartridge is essential, but some records are old and slightly buckled.

This means the cartridge rides up and down slightly as it travels across the album, so what could be better than a cartridge specially designed to compliment that very action? Silver Surfer Cartridge does exactly that. Just remove your boring Goldring and plug in The Surfer. The pick up needle is hidden under a soft padding of fake foaming waves, while the little figure balances lightly on his surfing board.

Works particularly well with warped Beach Boy records.

xenzag, Feb 09 2013

Vinyl Solution http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Vinyl_Solution
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 10 2013]

Zero-force turntable for vinyl records http://www.elpj.com/
[Vernon, Feb 10 2013]


       // warped Beach Boy records. //   

       It's always been rumoured that they were bent ... nice to have it confirmed ...
8th of 7, Feb 09 2013

       Ohhh, gramophones. I remember gramophones...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 10 2013

       Remember to adjust the balance of the arm holding the cartridge. To reduce wear on the vinyl record, the weight applied at the needle needs to be minimized.   

       Which is why I best like a completely different solution for playing those disks (link). Depending on the design of the unit, perhaps you could add a hologram silver surfer?
Vernon, Feb 10 2013

       I can see a whole line of these. [+]
gisho, Feb 11 2013


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