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Sim Windows

Windows you can hang anywhere and watch any scene
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When the view out your window isn't that great, or you're just in the mood for something else, just click on your remote and your window becomes a super high-res liquid crystal screen.

Then rotate through your selection of views. Grand Canyon? No problem. Beach? Zap. Ten miles up in the sky? Done. Views can come from live cams or 24-hour taped videos. You can even choose the weather, time of day, season, etc, for each locale. Sounds are optional.

Other places for hanging Sim Windows: any wall, office cubicle partitions, car windows (passenger seats), bedrooms, psychiatric wards.

Optional extra: Paired Sim Windows. Hang one at home, one in your office. At the office, you can see a 'live' view of your home anytime, and anyone at home can look through their window and see your office. Good for security too, if you want to keep an eye on home or office. Just switch it off if you want some privacy.

baboo, Apr 01 2002

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       Or, how about you just fill your room with painting and photographs of these wonderful places. Or watch TV.
[ sctld ], Apr 01 2002

       I thought this was about an operating system. The first half of the subtitle didn't help.   

       This widely exists in science fiction. E.g., Back to the Future II has someone change the channel on the window with a remote control.
jutta, Apr 02 2002

       Back to the Future: It was the future Jennifer that had the window shade... (Look at how worn out this is! Well, when the repairman came and called Dad a chicken , Dad threw him out of the house!)   

       I know (I have the complete trilogy on DVD... I have BttF II in my DVD-ROM drive right now...)
catman1229, Feb 04 2003

       The problem with a screen is that it's a fixed view...if your angle changes, you just see that same view worse or better...you don't see more beyond the border by changing your angle.   

       I think the big difference between a window and a screen or picture is the fact that you can see different things at different angles.
minstrel, Feb 10 2003

       Baked/discussed though this might be, I really like this idea.   

       There are some cubicles in this building and some rooms in a few apartments I've seen that lack natural light and a view of the world outside.   

       It may be efficient use of space, but it's horribly depressing to emerge at lunchtime and discover you're the only one without an umbrella in the middle of a day-long thunderstorm.   

       I've found a cheap short-range transmitting videocamera and I've set it up to transmit the outdoors indoors.   

       Other ideas I've had are: * Copying the fishtank cams * Baby-cam (mini-video headband) * Weather outside intranet cam * Virtual scenery cam (animated people/ vehicles moving on a faxed scenic background) * Logging onto Halfbakery
FloridaManatee, Mar 12 2003


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