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Time Capsule encryption

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tl;dr section:

A web service that releases public keys now, and reveals its corresponding private keys in the future.

--- How this works.

You have a company, which generates a lot of private keys for every day of this year, and 1 day of each month for the next few years, and 1 for every 5 years.

The private key is displayed on a E-Ink (without controller board), and transferred by robot into a halon gassed underground facility (monitored 24 hours a day). It is designed in such a way (as a stack) that to access a key out of order, you have to cycle though all the keys manually (very very slow)

Displayed on the website is list of public keys that you can encrypt your work with, and information on the day it will be revealed.

On the day it is to be released, the robot retrieves a key, from the stack. It then OCR the key, and releases it to the public.

Now you can unencrypt, whatever the hell you are trying to open.


Suggestion by the T3l3c0m1x Group

raccoon - i would suggest double encryption... first, you encrypt it with your key. then you send it to the server, who encrypts it with its own key. anyone managing to get hold of the data would just get your cryptblob.

qnrq - rfc1751 the key before passing it to the server and use an unique wordlist :-)

jaycong - aww Id love to do that with the wordlist distributed in a big red envolope :D

pragmatk jaycong: using a mikrokopter!

mofosyne, Aug 24 2010


       a) why ?   

       b) why e-paper ?   

       c) given a & b why the buns ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2010

       I suppose we'll find out in, say, thirty years.
pertinax, Aug 24 2010


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