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Oven Cam

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Last night I was sitting here engrossed in reading my regular sites, completely unaware that the chocolate self-saucing pudding I was baking was self-saucing the bottom of my oven.

Granted, we have oven timers, but often my baking rises much earlier than expected, or starts cracking on the top, or browning too much etc.

My solution is the oven cam - situated between the two panes of glass in my oven door, this cam sends a continuous picture of the contents of my oven to my computer, so that I can keep an eye on my baking via a window in the corner of my screen.

Helium, Mar 11 2003


       Very good +. You could have it as a PIP source for your TV as well (for those who watch TV while baking and, of course, have a PIP-capable TV).
bristolz, Mar 11 2003

       excellent. and if I could watch a man cleaning the oven even better. +1
po, Mar 11 2003

       The pie channel? America's funniest baked videos? The possibilities are endless.
Worldgineer, Mar 11 2003

       In fact, get rid of the silly useless window altogether, and rely solely on the camera.
waugsqueke, Mar 11 2003

       Yep (+). And also one in the refrigerator with a display on the door so I don't have to stand there with the door open while I look for something. Of course, if the light really *does* go off then that may not work so well.
half, Mar 11 2003

       [œ]: When the light goes out, all the food runs to the back of the fridge and cowers in the corner from the darkness until you re-open the door.
Cedar Park, Mar 11 2003

       I like the multi-tasking aspect. – baking and halfbaking simultaneously.
Shz, Mar 11 2003

       Sp: elf-saucing. Burnt crescent - from it's country of origin - Austria, not France.
thumbwax, Mar 12 2003

       Heh. My mate King Alfred could have used one of these, for when he got distracted watching that spider.
egbert, Mar 12 2003

       I like it, the only thing we need to fix now is that self cleaning button...
joshkouri, Mar 12 2003

       you can get so-called self-cleaning ovens but the explosive charge is never in the right place. must ask 8th about that.
po, Mar 12 2003

       Because we're getting so modern these days, soon we're not gonna have to do anything physical, which is pretty scary, because we sit at work, in the car, now we won't even have to get up to cook...Good idea, but scary outcome! +
irinel, Feb 19 2004

       I like!   

       // In fact, get rid of the silly useless window altogether, and rely solely on the camera. //   

       And therefore get rid of the silly useless light, and rely on thermal imaging with a CCD infrared-sensitive camera, which would show off "hot spots" in need of covering with foil, etc.
csea, Feb 19 2004

       If you want to make it a consumer add-on, rather than an appliance feature, this could have the form of a camera "eye" on top of a stalk. (Except the stalk is in the middle of the "pupil".) By sticking the stalk into the e.g. chicken one both holds the camera in place and tells it what part of the oven to focus on. (Maybe the end of stalk has a temperature sensor as well.)   

       It would come with a remote that has a color wheel for selection; you could dial up things like "when it's *this* brown on more than 75% of the surface, go ping."
jutta, Dec 19 2006

       Ooh, both temperature and sight. I'd buy that. I wonder what else you could add: Moisture sensor? Toothpick poker? Smellometer?   

       (adds another (thanks, crash of '04) perfectly baked bun)
Worldgineer, Dec 19 2006

       Yes [jutta] that's about what I was going to say, you could call it an "oven camerastat" .
pydor, Dec 20 2006


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