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Simian Car Wash

Trained chimps wash your car.
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I think they could probably be trained to do this and they'd probably have a lot of fun as well. Have the money go to buy their chimp-chow or whatever.
doctorremulac3, Sep 07 2011


       Great if you have a brown car...
RayfordSteele, Sep 07 2011

       I think dogs (spaniels, perhaps) with sponges tied to them would do a better job.
hippo, Sep 07 2011

       This seems like a task for trained rotifers, actually.
swimswim, Sep 07 2011

       I wonder if you can train sponges.
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2011

       Sure, but they'll just try to sponge off of the spaniels and rotifers, so what's the point?
swimswim, Sep 07 2011

       I'd vote for small rodents. A large cage containing a few hundred chinchillas could be drenched with soapy water, then upended over the car. After that, successive cages of dry, and then wax-coated chinchillas could be used.   

       I suspect that chinchillas are self-cleaning, so they could be reused to keep costs down.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2011


       // A large cage containing a few hundred chinchillas could be drenched with soapy water. //   

       Which would leave you about half a litre of chinchillas. Chinchillas are 99.99% fluff; a wet chinchilla ceases to exist for all practical purposes. What you get is something that looks like a mammalian dragonfly without the wings - two huge eyes at one end, and a bottlebrush tail at the other.
8th of 7, Sep 07 2011

       The chinchillas could be pre-treated with a waterproof gel.   

       Actually, there's an entire "hairgel for mammals" field to explore.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2011

       I tried buffing the underside of my car by driving over a heard of chinch once. Worked great.   

       Made a mess though.
doctorremulac3, Sep 07 2011


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