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mobile dick

a water spout similar to a whale’s blow hole for washing your car
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Whales can't breathe through their mouths. The mouth is connected directly to the stomach. They breathe through their blow holes, which go to the lungs. As it comes out it will also push any water which is covering the blow hole high into the air. I propose a reservoir in the car which can pump soapy water 6 feet up into the air to wash the car either when parked or on the move. It may not be too effective but it would look pretty amazing. Sound effects to match.
po, Mar 03 2002

Detachable Penis Lyrics http://www.asklyric..._Penis_LYRICS/25950
For some reason I thought of this. It isn't blatantly clear why. [AfroAssault, Apr 06 2005]


       The title suggests something else entirely, and the fact the idea is in Car:Washh just adds to my dissapointment.
[ sctld ], Mar 03 2002

       pretty funny if you could redirect it towards the pavement like you used to be able to with windscreen washers.
notripe, Mar 03 2002

       Use it (once) in freezing cold temperatures and you have nifty sculpture...until you have to go under a bridge or into your garage.
bluerowan, Mar 04 2002

       Great Title - mmmm soggy croissant
thumbwax, Mar 04 2002

       Any halfbakers in the northernmost part of Scandinavia, or Greenland? Apparently if you throw boiling water into -40 C air it bangs and crackles and freezes instantly in mid-motion. Yesterday it was -60 in Siberia, reminding me of the time there was a power cut on a particularly inclement occasion in South Wales, and everyone phoned the electricity company to complain that their fridges and freezers were defrosting (having not noticed that putting the stuff outside would be free, and colder.)
sappho, Mar 04 2002

       "Call me Washmael..."
waugsqueke, Mar 04 2002

       can I reverse the charges?
po, Mar 04 2002

       Mine's already mobile, in fact it goes wherever I go.
neelandan, Mar 04 2002

       Traveling private investigator?
bristolz, Apr 06 2005


       uhm... my car has a tank of soapy water and mozzles that spray the windscreen and headlights at the touch of a button.   

       The headlights washer is really powerful as they don't have wipers - if the nozzles were aimed sideways it would make a fantastic leg-soaker for negotiating crowded streets... hehehe
Jim'll Break It, Apr 06 2005

       how is the water re-directed back to the car to hit the headlights? do you have a picture or a drawing?
po, Apr 06 2005

       If your nozzle could throw a few litres of soapy water six feet into the air, there would be no need to //redirect it towards the pavement//. When the water came back down to the roof it would splash sideways in ALL directions hitting EVERYONE. Hence bun.
wagster, Apr 06 2005


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