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Windows twice as clean
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Where I live I wash my car every week, and I'm begining to find that it's quite an expense. Almost like a huge sunk cost paid in weekly installments. The main problem is the wondows. they get dirty and dusty just a few days after the wash, and unbarable after a week. I dont particuarly care for the bodywork being dirty because I have a white car...its unnoticable really, and doesn't compromise safety.

Heres what I propose should be done at car washes

Immediately after they wash your car they should apply a thin transparent film of plastic on all windows. So after a week or however long it takes until it gets dirty, you just peel off the film, and you're ready for round two

This film would stick to the window the same way tints do, with mildly soapy water. rain wouldn't affect it, and neither would heat. And to peel it off there would be a simple tab on each window corner.

shinobi, Oct 02 2005


       If car washes actually did this, wouldn't they lose business???
nahte123, Oct 02 2005

       no [nahte123] this new product would probably gain them business!!! however, it would cost more.
schmendrick, Oct 02 2005

       I've safely managed to go for several months without washing my car. Boo to this idea - we can waste the Earth's resources in much more useful and/or frivolous ways.
moomintroll, Oct 02 2005

       It would cost more, but it would be a USP, allowing the carwash to charge more without much public objection.
shinobi, Oct 03 2005

       There is already a static cling transparent plastic used for parking permits at universities and such. Distorts the view a bit though.
cjacks, Oct 03 2005

       At dirt-track speedways, you will findthe drivers helmets all have layers and layers of transparent plastic film covering the visors. As each layer gets too dirty to see through, they simply peel it off. By the end of the night they litter the infield and the rest of the racetrack.
I would imagine a set of these large enough to cover the windown of a car would not only be expensive, but difficult to dispose of.
andrew1, Jan 16 2009

       Is recycling them out of the question? [+]
Spacecoyote, Jan 16 2009

       //I wash my car every week, and I'm begining to find that it's quite an expense.// So, how much do you pay for water and soap?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2009


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