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Simple Spam Filter

How to keep the Spam a bit more far from our inboxes
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Simply. I use The Bat!. It has feature of getting only the list with headers of new/read emails on my pop3 account and selecting what I want to do with them. Normaly this would be enough as the normal action for getting email and selecting out the spam.

However, I still miss the one little step forward - remembering my friendly senders' emails so that next time they will be downloaded in full size while the unknown/non-friendly/spammy addresses will stay on the server for any future handling such as deletion after seven days or just something else according to the settings of the host server.

I think this really simple feature would save me not only money for dial-up, the bandwith, time sorting but just the nervers :-)

Harvester, Jun 15 2004


       You have just described a white list, which is definitely not a new idea.   

       Using a white list to selectively fetch email via pop might be a new idea, but I very much doubt it. I'd be surprised if The Bat! didn't do it already.   

       If you access email via imap instead of fetching it via pop, any mail client will do what you describe. It's only because some pop clients don't utilise the full capabilities of pop that your idea isn't always available everywhere already.
benjamin, Jun 15 2004

       I just downloaded the latest The Bat!. It appears to have fairly decent filtering abilities.   

       Indeed, the default install created an 'inbox' and an 'inbox - known'; email from people in your address book gets moved into the latter folder. Is this not good enough?
benjamin, Jun 15 2004

       --benjamin: All the filtering in The Bat! as well as sorting to inbox and inbox known still requires the email to be first downloaded and then sorted. So I will save no data transfer only the sorting time.   

       So, it is not enough.
Harvester, Jun 16 2004


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