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Simpsons Golf

If you're a fan of the TV show, try this one out.
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Let,s get one thing straight ; THE SIMPSONS IS THE BEST FRIGGIN' TV SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND! That being said, I'm a huge "Simpsons" fan. I constantly look for new ways to enjoy my time with Homer and the gang. So, I came up with "Simpsons Golf". The rules are simple.

About an hour before the show, gather a few buddies and chose 9 "holes" (characters). Then decide what par each hole should be. Then for each shot, decide on a phrase or action the "hole" should make during the show. Cross one off for each you notice. At the end of the show, each uncrossed answer is the number of shots you took on that "hole" Example :

1st hole - HOMER, par 3 (says "D'oh!", says "Mmm...", drinks a beer, kisses Marge, chokes Bart)

Say I spot Homer kissing Marge, drinking a beer and saying "D'oh!" during the show, I would have been one under par, since I still have 2 uncrossed items. Do this for each hole. After the show, count the results and declare a winner.


HomerX, Sep 23 2002


       Someones never seen 'Famliy Guy'...
[ sctld ], Sep 23 2002

       Rather an overengineered reworking of pub cricket. (A British pre-motorway motoring game, counting the number of legs implied in any pub name. The Queen Vic = 2. Dog and Duck = 6. Coach and Horses = bonanza! Anything up to 48.)   

       We used to do something like this in Mr Bibby's latin lessons. He never caught on to why the entire class cheered whenever he said, "King Anchises has huge bulls," or whatever it was.   

       But that was latin. And frankly HomerX, I think the one thing in this flawed world that needs no improvement is the Simpsons.
General Washington, Sep 23 2002

       sctld: ..Who wants to play "Drink the beer"?. Right here.. (slurp) You win! Oh great, what do I win? Another beer! Oh, I'm going for the high score here... </family guy>   

       Curses to Fox for cancelling this goldmine.
Mr Burns, Sep 23 2002

       Even less sporty than conventional golf.
briandamage, Sep 23 2002

       Curse fox also for cancelling the subtle humour of Freaks and Geeks. It was a retro-classic damn it! A retro-classic!
[ sctld ], Sep 23 2002

       This is like buzzword bingo
we used to play this in maths

the teacher never quite realized why person x and I used to stand up in the middle of a trigonomitry lesson and shout BINGO
slarti, Jul 17 2004


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