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Squash meets golf
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Equipment needed: squash court; golf ball; set of golf clubs.

The first player "tees off" from the centre of the court; subsequent shots are played from wherever the ball comes to rest.

You score a point if the ball hits any part of your opponent's body, regardless of who played the shot. First to 11 points wins. You only score a point if the ball bounces off a wall before making contact. If you score a direct hit on your opponent, or if you move to force your opponent to score a direct hit on you, you miss a go.

Bunkers and water hazards are considered by many purists to ruin the spirit of the game.

Wrongfellow, Oct 26 2008

Prior art! http://alexlatimer....lar-game-of-squalf/
[FishFinger, Nov 11 2009]


       A nice little pat on the ball should be easy enough to aim at your opponent. And as the little ball bumps against your enemy's foot for the eleventh time, game over. zzzzzzzzzzz [-]   

       I think number of reflections prior to the hit should have a bearing on the scoring. This would ensure maximum force/pain. Of course, you can just flat out ignore this practically necessary addition, so it goes.   

       Also, the mechanics of this game has nothing to do with golf. Yes, golf clubs are used, but that is it. Might as well just use the original racquets.
daseva, Oct 26 2008

       Combines two equally stupid and pointless activities into one.
8th of 7, Oct 26 2008

       Golf meets fives might be interesting though.
wagster, Oct 26 2008

FishFinger, Oct 27 2008

       Use a golf ball instead of the regular squash ball and we may have something.
Noexit, Oct 27 2008

       ahhh, I had read it as "squash racket and golf balls"
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2008

       Rules and equipment updated, per [daseva] and [FlyingToaster].
Wrongfellow, Oct 27 2008

       Combines two equally stupid and pointless activities into one. (+)
Voice, Oct 28 2008

       //Combines two equally stupid and pointless activities into one.//   

       Amen. And I'm kind of sick of "Sport X - Sport Y." The old idea about incorporating miniature golf obstacles into other sports was the last one of these that was remotely funny.   

nomocrow, Oct 28 2008

       I thought this would be some odd combination of squid and wolf.
DrWorm, Nov 12 2009


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