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Sinewave speedbreakers with precision speed control.

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These speadbreakers are not usual semicircular, but constructed like a series of sinewaves, with wavelenght precisely tuned for targetted speed. If a speedbeaker is designed for 60 MPH, then , vehicles will be able to travel on these comfortably at speeds upto and around 60 mph, but as the speed increases further, it becomes moe and more uncomfortable. At speeds of 80-90 mph, it will feel very bumpy, as intended.

So, for vehicles, within speed limit, such a speedbreaker will be not be even noticeable.

A speedbreaker will be atleast few "wave cycles" long. (8-9 ?).I am guessing wavelength for a 60 MPH, may be around 50-70 meters, with "amplitude" around 1/2 feet.

VJW, Feb 09 2012


       //precisely tuned// to what note or pitch?
pocmloc, Feb 09 2012

       //tuned// That terminology was derived from "tuning" of coils for frequencies in electronics.
VJW, Feb 09 2012

       I'm getting car sick just thinking about this one. Up and down and up and down and...   

       But what if the speed limit changes? You'll have to regrade and repave the whole road. T'was a time when 45mph was considered blazing fast.   

       Despite the negative comments, I still like the idea because it's almost as out-there as I. Bun, if you can catch it while the car's bucking.
Psalm_97, Feb 09 2012

       You are still assuming that there is a precise frequency above which the ride becomes //moe and more uncomfortable//, that below this frequency it will //not even be noticeable//, and that the frequency is the same for a range of vehicles.
spidermother, Feb 09 2012

       Have a flexible road, mounted on hydraulic plungers. Then you can make the road undualate with a sine wave that moves along at 60mph. Slower cars can surf up to speed. Faster cars will have an uncomfortable ride.
pocmloc, Feb 09 2012

       As someone who drives a bus, which has no shocks, I can tell you that many roads already have this feature. Also, that driving a bus at its resonance frequency while in a bouncy-seat is no fun.   

       EDIT: I was trying to find statistics saying that speed limits don't help but it appears that they might. Except on the Autobahn, which has a lower fatality rate than US highways. Hm.
DIYMatt, Feb 09 2012

       <considers using 'speedbeaker' as his next handle...>
RayfordSteele, Feb 10 2012


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