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Speed Bump Tyres

Stops cars from speeding
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Instead of spending money building speed bumps and chicanes on most streets, why not just fit oblong tyres on all new cars. This would stop all speeding straight away.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, that was easy.  Can't think why a spack like me was the first to think of it!

BobbySox, Jul 31 2001

Square wheels may give the smoothest ride. http://www.math.hmc...s/10001.3-2-8.shtml
[angel, Jul 31 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

It depends on the road surface. http://www.maa.org/...thtrek_7_13_98.html
[angel, Jul 31 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       hmmmm bumpy ride anyone?!
Monkeyboy2, Jul 31 2001

       The links are all very well but we would have to change all the roads to bumpy ones. Money doesn't grow on trees, but I guess there is a halfbake about money trees so if it works then this can be done. I think it would be annoying to have such weird roads.
Monkeyboy2, Aug 02 2001

       That's how it is now in my town.
angel, Aug 02 2001

       Could they be filled with custard?
sirrobin, Aug 02 2001

       instead of oblong tyres why not have triangular tyres? - it would eliminate one bump!
stupop, Aug 02 2001

       a compulsory engine cut-out at the prescribed maximum speed would probably do a better, cheaper, and altogether less interesting job.
stupop, Aug 02 2001

       My city has been very productive with finding ways of slowing traffic, including but not limited to the following:
-Closing as many roads as possible
-Hiring men in orange suits and construction hats to park trucks on the side of the road and lean against said truck, all the while looking very devoted to perfecting the skill of leaning against a truck
-Allowing people over the age of 231 that are blind, have no arms, and think they're piloting a large airplane over the pacific ocean to drive legally
-Placing "really shiny objects" on the side of the road so as to cause people to slow down to a remarkable .000034 miles per hour in order to see the "really shiny object" better
-Training officers of the law to respond to traffic-blocking car accidents by drinking a pop and eating chips at the scene of the accident until they are no longer hungry or thirsty, at which point they play solitaire in the cruiser
-Rather than repainting stripes on the road after construction so as to separate traffic lanes, they instead randomly place shiny squares that don't do much more than "make funny noises" when you run over them
AfroAssault, Aug 02 2001

       I thought this was going to be about maybe using Helvetica to mark larger speed bumps and Times for smaller ones, but I was wrong.
key-aero, Aug 03 2001

       In England they have fixed speed cameras called GATSO's at the side of the road.   

       The government says they are there as a deterant to reduce speeds and not to generate revenue from speeding fines.   


       The government won't paint them bright colours for some unknown reason some reason. They prefer to hide them behind bridge supports and road signs.   


       Finished ranting now, soz
Mayfly, Aug 03 2001

       Oh, almost forgot about nasty traffic policemen hiding in bushes and jumping out, waving something which looks like a hairdryer at you. 100yds down the road you get pulled over.   

       F***ING B*****DS.   

       Soz again. Def finished ranting now.
Mayfly, Aug 03 2001

       [Mayfly] If every speed camera was made easy for people to spot, all speeders would do would be to slow down until they knew they were out of its range, whereupon they'd promptly start whizzing about again. This way, they're kept more on their toes, which probably has a longer-ranging benefit.   

       Also, why exactly shouldn't the government generate revenue by fining people who break the law?
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       Becasue it's my God given right to drive insanely fast and recklessly over large custard bumps endargering myslef and others. really alx some peopel ask silly questions.
tedhaubrich, Jun 09 2004


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