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Sinful Jelly Babies

Grind Jelly Babies and pour scorn on them, the evil little b*st@rds
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Jelly Babies are a household favourite, but rather than eating their innocent little faces, some might prefer it if these homunculi "had it coming".

For example, the gelatinous imps might be represented as engaging in one of the 7 cardinal sins - lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth, wrath, envy or pride - allowing someone to chew their dirty little heads off without remorse. Other sins are available too, we cater for and reproduce a wide range of impious behaviours.

Packets are available on a sliding scale of fundamentalism - with treacherous, serial killing, and animal mistreating jelly babies populating even the most liberal of assortments, while merely immodest jelly babies might only be found in those of a more fundamentalist nature.

Of course, "Pick 'n' Mix" boxes are available at all good sweetshops, allowing children to create their own sintheon of trembling purgatoids.

zen_tom, Nov 19 2008

Screaming Jelly Babies: An Experiment http://www.scienced...ng_jelly_babies.pdf
"6. Turn the Bunsen burner off and using tongs drop in the head of a jelly baby into the test tube..." [zen_tom, Nov 19 2008]

Wikipedia: Jelly Babies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jelly_Babies
Hm! I've never seen those, even though the term is familiar. [jutta, Nov 19 2008]

sinful to call 'em *tar babies*! http://www.candywar...licoricebabies.html
[xandram, Nov 19 2008]

I Prefer Jelly Kids http://www.candyfav...our-patch-kids-bulk
While jelly babies are completely hilarious, I had no idea what they were until coming across this blog. More traditionally, my "jelly person" addiction is with Sour Patch kids. [candycandycandy, Mar 22 2011]


       It is our duty to seek out *justice*!
Jinbish, Nov 19 2008

       Surely, though, the eater falls foul of the "... lest ye be judged" counterclaim, perhaps, as the realisation dawns, they begin to see on the face of the sweet their own features beginning to emerge, thus creating a hitherro undocumented religous-confectional recursion, to be documented in bibles future.
calum, Nov 19 2008

       //they begin to see on the face of the sweet their own features beginning to emerge// makes me think of "The Jelly Baby of Dorian Gray"   

       Yes, the eater does fall foul of the "...lest ye be judged" clause, but only to the extent that a traditional jelly baby enthusiast might fall foul of the (generally unwritten) "Please, don't eat the children!" commandment common to many world religions.
zen_tom, Nov 19 2008

       I like biting their heads off BECAUSE they look so innocent. Bloody little goody goodies. Chomp chomp yum yum
Mony a Mickle, Nov 19 2008

       Perhaps there's a market for jelly baby fondue sets, to boil the little sods in oil or hot cheese, to truly get that damnation flavour. [+]
coprocephalous, Nov 19 2008

       // fondue sets, to boil the little sods //   

       .... in molten chocolate. Yay ! [+]
8th of 7, Nov 19 2008

       In the US, way back in my childhood, we had *tar babies* which were black licorice babies and now they are banned because of having a politically incorrect name, though one can find them at some places that sell *old-fashioned candies*.
[see link]
xandram, Nov 19 2008

       Ha! Just like they changed the candy cigarettes originally called "Fags" to "Fads" - for some reason or another.
Custardguts, Nov 19 2008


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