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Singing Business Card

A bussiness card which sings a diddly when touched
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So people pass bussiness cards around all the time, and most of them end up in the drawer or lost someplace, or stuffed in a wallet. So how about creating a singing bussiness card much like those singing christmas cards. Except they would have to be alot thiner and more durable. When touched in the right spot (usually a spot on the face) it activates a song or message. With the advent of electronic plastics, photovoltatic plastics, and micro thin speakers, it would be possible to mass produce them.


ddn, Jan 01 2001

Bizcard-CD http://www.bizcard-cd.com/
Business card CDs [Jim, Jan 01 2001]

More Business card CDs.. http://www.advertis.../html/shapespec.htm
to show you what they look like. [Jim, Jan 01 2001]


       Pun intended, Peter?
thumbwax, Jan 01 2001

       If I were a singer, I wouldn't want a business card playing anything I sang. You just wouldn't be able to get anything close to good sound quality, so it would detract from your overall impression. Perhaps it would be better (and less annoying) to include a small read-only equivlant of flashram (do they sell flashROM?) with a minute or two of MP3, because flashrams are generally very small and thin. Hopefully in the future computers will have a standard flashram format (sorta like a replacement for floppies).
badoingdoing, Jan 01 2001

       I agree, this isn't for singers. This is for electrical engineers who specialize in that kind of durable embedded microcircuitry.
egnor, Jan 02 2001

       I think it would just add to the general ugliness of business cards in general. Some are okay, but others start playing fast and loose with logos, slogans and even photos, and they're just awful. Real estate agents are especially eager to plant their mugs on their business cards, which kills me. But once they start singing, that's the end. I wouldn't want to do business with someone who issues a talking card.
rachele, Jan 07 2001

       No need to use expensive flashram, there are already several companies that do business cards which are made from a business-card-shaped CD. You can put music, html, whatever you want on it. Not all CD players or CD-ROM drives accept novelty-shaped CDs, though, and I actually prefer the "Singing Business Card" idea. It's immediate, and therefore more effective as an advertisement. And it's more fun.
Jim, Jan 08 2001

       You know how business cards have that raised lettering made of wax? Why not print a circle and put the wax on the circle and create a Wax Record Business card? With my turntable that has a broken auto-return I measured the radius where you could cut a record and still not have the cartridge slam into the spindle or fall off the business card. Then I found out that you could get 45 seconds at 33-1/3 RPM and 200 lines per inch (microgroove). This would be in stereo. I think it would last for about 25 plays. Or you could have a wax strip that was modulated by high resolution printing. When you run your fingernail across the strip, you create a cheap acoustic phonograph and the business card says something for about half a second.
Amishman35, Jun 17 2002

       Printing on business cards is not made of wax.   

       The 'drag your fingernail' thing was done long ago, but they used the modern material 'plastic'.
StarChaser, Jun 17 2002


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