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video card

bussiness cards with embeded video and sound playback
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So after thinking about the singing bussiness card idea further it wouldn't be so difficult to take it to the next logical step. Bussiness cards with embeded video display (using the cheap dot matrix video printing technology being developed right now) coulpled with electronic pastics / batteries and micro thin speakers. A bussiness card once pressed (a play button) repeats a video message or commercial. It would take some doing but, it could be done with todays technology.


ddn, Jan 08 2001

E ink http://www.eink.com/
[PotatoStew, Jan 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Business-card sized CD-Rs http://www.cardiscs.com/
OK, so you have to stick it in the drive... [rmutt, Jan 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       That "cheap dot matrix video printing technology" has been "just around the corner" for a long time now. I'm not holding my breath.   

       No, it could not be done with "todays technology" (not without making an incredibly expensive and still awfully bulky "business card"), and if it could be done, then the implications would staggering. Why would we be talking about business cards when the entire world of print media would be undergoing cataclysmic revolution?
egnor, Jan 08 2001

       Actually, there was just a short article in Newsweek a few weeks ago about "electronic ink" of some sort... it was a thin, flexible material embedded with spherical capsules. The capsules contained a dark colored dye. When current was applied to the material in a certain way, the dye would move to one side of certain capsules; as a result, you could essentially print and change the printing on the material. I'll try to find a link...
PotatoStew, Jan 08 2001

       Yes i expect the first versions would be montone, and without sound. We already mass produce computer chips cheaply enough to embed them on smart cards. A small processor + 1 meg mem + 1 tone electronic ink = video card! 8^)   

ddn, Jan 09 2001

       Really, there have been "short articles in Newsweek" about "promising new electronic ink technology" for as long as I can remember. I'll believe it when I see it actually deployed. Until then, color me skeptical.
egnor, Jan 09 2001


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