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Singing Fat Lady Rental Service

for when you really want it to be over.
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Want the madness to end? Can't convince someone else that it's over?

For a small fee, we will deliver to the time and place of your choosing, a large woman with robes, horns, spear and shield will belt out a few notes indicating that It Is Over.

Perfect for ending long committee meetings, breakups at restaurants, fights, inane conversation, and other unwanted interactions with the clueless.

timpestuous, Jun 26 2003

Mrs Merton aka Caroline Aherne http://carolinescom...carolineaherne.html
[po, Oct 17 2004]

One possible vendor of this service http://www.geocitie...raypages/index.html
Art by [RayfordSteele] [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]


       At last, a job for blissmiss! (With padding, of course, I'm not trying to suggest anything about her shape.)
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       Mr. Burns: the results for "Fat Man" are actually worse...
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       They could charge double-rates on Friday afternoons.
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2003

       DC, set me thinking... I can just picture blissy hosting a chat show. Mrs Merton eat your heart out.
po, Jun 26 2003


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