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Singing for some tail

Make your kite sing
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A kite tail with small, tuned, flutes along the length. As the kite flies, it sings. The turbulent air behind the kite would mean that the volume of each flute would rise and fall randomly, making music on the wind.
Klaatu, Nov 24 2011


       How's it goin?   

       I think [xandram] did a take on this. Gimme a sec.   

       Crap... It's gone now along with its links. It was called 'Aeolian kites' if I remember correctly and if you google that, you'll see that it goes back to ancient China.
Pretty cool though.

       I've often heard my kite string whistling in the wind, but I searched for flutes, or soundmakers as part of the tail and found nothing. If it's baked, or prior art, feel free to mark as [m-f-d].
Klaatu, Nov 24 2011

       [+] it's great. Don't MFD. Related Chinese peactice: fastening these types of flutes to pigeons, so that they leave a semi-harmonized trail when flying in flock. It's eerily beautiful.
swimswim, Nov 24 2011

       I don't like marking for deletion. I didn't mark that idea and I ain't marking this'n neither. I like it.   


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