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I look at this page...

Not much of a legacy to leave mankind...

Someday, soon, I will be gone...

These bits and pieces of magnetic "me" will be gone too...

In too brief a speck of time...

I will be remembered by nobody...

All that was "me" will be gone...

Update: through modern medicine, I continue to hang onto "life". I have a machine that I carry with me constantly. Thank-you to all of you folks who push the thought boundaries that help people to extend their "lifetime warranties".

Update 10/4/2017: In just 7 years I have gone from living in the front seat of a Toyota Corolla, parked in a WalMart parking lot...to someone who owns a 3 bedroom home, cash outright. Life is a whirlwind!

Update 10/16/2018: Another year has slipped by and I'm *still* here. My MS has hit my diaphragm, so the progress continues at an unabated pace. I now have an executor, so she will contact [Jutta] when I will "no longer be posting anything" on the HB.

wilsonoklahoma at gmail dot com

[Aug 25 2004, last modified Oct 16 2018]

(+3) 360° Tubular Monitor
(+15)(+15) Aeolian Crutches
(+10)(+10) Air-conditioned Laptop
(+1) Asteroid Saviors
(+15, -2)(+15, -2) BalloonDrop.com
(+4) BodyBike
(+3) Carnival Microwave
(+1) Consolidated Measuring Device
(+7, -1) Death Planner
(+6, -2) Dillocam III
(+1) EZ-open FCOJ
(+22)(+22)(+22) Froggy Amplifier
 Google Maps for Pilots
(+5) Hey! Look up!
(+5, -1) Hydro-Scrub®
(+4, -1) I've Been Dead Since...
(+5) If I could save space in a bottle
(+8, -2) InSinkErator® Farewell
(+3) Killer-Feeder Cap
(+15)(+15) LSA “Flinger"
(+2, -4) Make Them Pay!
(+5) No More Chinese/Crabs
(+1) Non-explosive Kite Winder
(+2) Non-Newtonian Penile Implant
(+5) Para-loon®
(+4) Personalized Automatic Dishwasher
(+6) Poor Man's Rivet Sorter
(+1) Predictive text wedding
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Self-Bailing Sea Sock
(+2) Shielded pucellas
(+4) Singing for some tail
(+4) Sinuous Mountainside Sidereal Solar Railway
(+6, -4) Subsonic Train Horn
(+13, -3)(+13, -3) Talking Bat
(+6) Technicolor Shuttle Reentry
(+5, -1) Tiger Teeth S³
(+6, -3) Ultimate FAE
(+2) Vortex Videos
(+12)(+12) Walker-Cam
(+1) WobbleWarsh

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