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Single Can Cooler

Instantaneous Cooling Machine
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A device that cools normal 12 oz aluminum cans instantly. Thermo-conductive metal alloy jaw clamps its fingers around the can. Three segments to the jaw, think really big drill press chuck. Super-chilled liquid is pumped through the thermo-conductive jaw segments removing heat in 5 seconds, on demand, to whatever temperture you dial-in to the machine.
evilpenguin, Jun 17 2007

Cold can in 60 seconds, not 5, but economical. http://www.cybercan...20Can%20Cooler.html
The Brits have one. [Canuck, Jun 17 2007]


       sp. instantaneous
pertinax, Jun 17 2007

       I've seen this for chilling a bottle of white wine. No idea how it works without shattering the bottle.
marklar, Jun 17 2007

       single can coolers already exist. Don't know how they work but they exist already. probably through peltier modules, maybe coupled with super- cooled liquid.
twitch, Jun 17 2007


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