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Twist-open tin

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Looks like a normal tin with the label on but the metal body beneath is actually two parts, bisected near the top. The join is tightly fitted and interlocking in such a way that it will twist free in one direction once the label is removed. The label forms part of the pre-purchase integrity of the tin. For the extra-particular, the direction of twist can also be manufactured to suit Heinz-eating southpaws.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012


       I believe that this is called, in the common vernacular, a 'jar'.
Alterother, Jul 17 2012

       No, it's called a 'twist-open tin'.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       Ah, now I spot the difference. Thank you for clarifying that. Carry on.   

       On behalf of lefties everywhere, may I request that it not be made available in a left-handed version? After a lifetime of adapting to a right-handed world, attempts to accomodate the manual minority only confound and frustrate us.
Alterother, Jul 17 2012

       Here, you can use one to store this fishbone.
ytk, Jul 17 2012

       From you, ytk, I'll take that as a compliment :)
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       //just turn the can over//   

       That, uh, wouldn't work. You'd need to actually reverse the chirality of the grooves somehow.
ytk, Jul 17 2012

       //From you, ytk, I'll take that as a compliment :)//   

       You just may fit in around here yet, [Phront]!
ytk, Jul 17 2012

       I'm sure that there are already-existing variants of this Idea. For example, a canteen is often metal, and often has a twist-cap. There is also a kind of curved metal "flask" frequently used for various alcoholic beverages, which also has a twist-cap. Some types of candy containers may actually be twist-open tins, but at the moment I can't think of one off-hand.
Vernon, Jul 17 2012

       What would happen if the tin got dented?
marklar, Jul 17 2012

       Pillsbury have used a cardboard tube not dissimilar in concept for some years and it works for them.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       // //just turn the can over//   

       That, uh, wouldn't work//   

       Well it would if there was a planetary gear mechanism concealed in the base, with a gravity-actuated interlock mechanism to engage and disengage the appropriate clutch mumble mmm....
pocmloc, Jul 17 2012

       NOW we're halfbakin'...you could easier have a seperate center section that had a different thread on either end though.
normzone, Jul 17 2012

       so once opened, is the tin half full or half empty?
tumblewit, Jul 17 2012

       The solution is clearly to makke the can in three sections, two ends and a central ring, one right-hand threaded and the other left- hand.   

       As the ends are cotrarotated, in either direction, one of the two threads will tighten, but the other will loosen and untimately disengage.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2012

       [8th of 7]; umm, hold the middle...?
A lid at each end would help with getting the last bit out, too.
Is this proposing a multi-thread screw (to open, turn say 1.5 rotations), or a bayonet-style (to open, turn say 1/4 turn and pull)?
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 18 2012

       It is difficult to see how my fellows have failed to grasp the obvious solution, explosive bolts and way to get NASA some more funding.   

       I see an a stack of cans, gradually diminishing in size by height. At the bottom, one of those cans of pineapple chunks, with mock rocket nozzle on the bottom. The second stage would be a smaller can, perhaps spaghetti in tomato sauce, the first stage could be a can of hot dogs, and the upper passenger stage could be a much smaller can of sardines, shaped like the command modules.   

       At the press of a remote control, the stage required could be detached by very small explosive bolts. $1 dollar to go towards the manned Mars landing.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 18 2012

       no one has mentioned the sharpy sharp flesh eating edge of the opened can.
dentworth, Jul 22 2012

       Until now; why are you assuming it would be sharp? That way lawsuits lie and no manufacturer would be so careless.
Phrontistery, Jul 22 2012


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