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Sir David voice generator

David Attenborough is the only one that should be narating my docos.
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The only person I want narrating my nature docos is the only person who should be narrating them, I speak of none other than the great Sir David Attenborough. Now sir David isn't as young as he used to be and As far as I know steps are already being taken to have him cloned, but what do we do while the young cloned Attenborough is growing up? There is only one answer, and that is to can his voice, I'm sure that in the thousands of programs he has done there is enough words to make nearly any sentance required to make future docos. So I'm sure that in order for the BBC to uphold its reputation for producing quality nature docos the next logical step would be to create a simpletext style program with Sir Davids voice. Anyway thats the Idea. Excuse any spelling errors, just wanted to punch that out before I shoot off to work. Oh this also offers to be hours of pointless fun on your home pc as you make Sir David say all sorts of rediculous things.
Gulherme, Oct 17 2005

Sir Davids http://www.google.c...2Sir+David%22&meta=
Attenborough, Cox, King, Brewster, Willcocks, Frost, Wilkie, Martin, Bruce, Lean, Lane. Sounds like a City law firm, but could, in fact, be an extension to the range. [calum, Oct 17 2005]

toerag? http://www.bbcameri...rs-phrases-toe-rag/
Updated... [normzone, Oct 21 2005, last modified Jul 04 2012]

From the other side of the lens http://www.bbc.co.u...ollections/p0048522
[Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012]

The million pound note http://i.telegraph....asures_2066126i.jpg
[Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012]


       and my beloved Bill Oddy?
po, Oct 17 2005

       ...that doesn't detract from his lovableness.
po, Oct 17 2005

       What about the other naturalist David with a magical voice?
Prof. David Bellamy.
coprocephalous, Oct 17 2005

       It'll be a sad day when he's gone. +
Adze, Oct 17 2005

       I went to see Atty interviewed by Michael Palin once. It was very interesting and at the end they had a small amount of time for questions from the floor. Somebody asked whether he had to do many retakes when doing one of his walking and talking segments. He thought about this for a moment and then said:
<inimitable david>"Well, we write the script, I review it, make any changes that I feel are appropriate and then the camera rolls and I deliver my lines." [slight pause] "And most of the time, I am simply marvellous."</inimitable david>
DocBrown, Oct 17 2005

       //I think Chris Tucker should try dubbing // Joe Pesci? Or worse, Joe Pasquale. (sorry for the list)
coprocephalous, Oct 17 2005

       "...and following the news there is a look at the secret world of the Brazilian stump-vole, narrated by Sir David Voice-Generator."
wagster, Oct 17 2005

       [calum] They missed "Steel"
coprocephalous, Oct 17 2005

       & Jason
po, Oct 17 2005

       [copro], I missed him off 'cause he's a nasty little toerag.
calum, Oct 17 2005

       Baron Steel of Aikwood may be many things but nomadic tribesman he is not.
calum, Oct 17 2005

       The old BBC Micro had a speech PHROM which contained syllables as spoken by (then) news reader Richard Baker - You could get it to say all sorts of things in his voice - I guess you could do the same thing for David Attenborough (or Bloddy, po).
Dub, Oct 17 2005

       //by (then) new reader Richard Baker// [dub]I'm quite sure Richard Baker had been reading for a long time by the mid-80s - he'd been working for the BBC since 1950, so I'm sure he must've read something in all that time.
coprocephalous, Oct 17 2005

       Cheer [CoPro] (ic)
Dub, Oct 17 2005

       I think Bobcat Goldwait should give it a try. His first name *is* Bobcat, anyways. He'd be a sure thing.
RayfordSteele, Oct 17 2005

       [copro] a friend said Richard Baker also did the narration for Bod <hums cute little tune, and says "Bod">. Is that true?
Dub, Oct 21 2005

       No, that was John le Mesurier.
wagster, Oct 21 2005

       Ah, you're right - Richard Baker did "Mary, Mungo And Midge"
Dub, Oct 21 2005


       was he Mary?
po, Oct 21 2005

       //was he Mary?// Only to very close friends.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 22 2005

       sp. Richard Baker - Kenneth Kendall   

       /Dang. Should've been a Baker. Wishful thinking
Dub, Jul 03 2012

       Oddly enough there is an English ice-sculptist called Sir David Voice.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2012

       I'm holding out for Daffy Duck doing the voice-overs when they do the film of my life...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2012

       The man himself is now 86. Natural history presenter Sir David Attenborough has been named Britain's greatest living national treasure - beating Stephen Fry and Sir Paul McCartney in the poll.   

       The veteran broadcaster, 85, also triumphed over physicist Professor Stephen Hawking and Harry Potter author JK Rowling to win the title. More than 4,000 people were asked to select Britain's national treasure from a shortlist, in a survey to celebrate the EuroMillions Millionaires Month.   

       People were asked to vote for the greatest "national living treasure", who they would like to see on a £1 million note. Sir David's image will now feature on the note, which will not be for circulation.
Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012

       Perhaps it's just a result of growing up in the U.S., where legally it's not permitted, but putting the pictures of living people on money just seems very peculiar and crass to me.
ytk, Jul 03 2012

       When I last checked, the Queen was still alive.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 04 2012

       Exactly. The whole thing smacks of some sort of weird personality cult to me. Same thing with postage stamps and statues. If the subject's not dead, it's just tacky.
ytk, Jul 04 2012

       And yet it's OK to make movies featuring actors who are, for the most part, still alive...   

       And if you want tacky, you should've gone to Harrods when it was still owned by Al Fayed. He had a waxwork of himself standing there near one of the staircases. Tacky at a whole new level.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 04 2012

       Movies aren't intended to honor the actors. Frankly, most movie producers would be just as happy to do away with actors entirely, if it were only possible.
ytk, Jul 05 2012


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