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Sister Wendy's History of Rock and Roll

You'd watch this.
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I want to hear her commentary on Hendrix or James Brown.
mrthingy, Mar 05 2002

Meet Sister Wendy http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/sisterwendy/meet
[mrthingy, Mar 05 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       /whois Sister Wendy
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       *huge applause* For non-UK types: Sister Wendy is a lovable middle-aged nun with big teeth and glasses who did a series on art (painting) a year or two ago on the BBC. One of those nuns who isn't afraid to talk about willies and suchlike.
Saveloy, Mar 05 2002

       I've never met a Nun who was afraid to talk about willies.. actually I've never met a Nun...
Danzarak, Mar 05 2002

       I have a friend who went to a Catholic school, he was taught football by nuns. In full habit.
mcscotland, Mar 05 2002

       You're right: I would watch this. Her take on art was great.
bristolz, Mar 05 2002

       Sister Wendy is one of my heroes. She has agreed to endorse a book I'm writing! Sadly (for us), her health is poor, and she will not be doing any more books or videos.   

       waugs, if you see any of her work you'll probably understand that she was a major inspiration for the project I shared with you last December.
beauxeault, Mar 05 2002

       Yes, I know of whom thingy speaks now. I did catch a bit of her program. Regrettably, I didn't give her a fair shot once I saw the habit. (Plus, I think it was pledge week. "click")   

       Yes, I can certainly see what you mean, beaux.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       A football team in nun's habits! Cool!
threeoutside, Mar 05 2002

       (|8 E
thumbwax, Mar 05 2002

       Since Sister Wendy has never to my knowledge demonstrated any interest in rock and roll music, I feel that the novelty of a freaky-looking woman in a habit talking about Jim Morrison's penis-waving endeavours would quickly grow tiresome.
pottedstu, Mar 06 2002

       I never even noticed that she HAD a speech impediment. I just think it would be funny to hear her talk about rock the way she talks about art. Her presumed lack of interest in rock and roll is part of the appeal. And if she looked like some MTV vj it would REALLY be pointless.
mrthingy, Mar 06 2002

       Despite being a nun (actually, she's not really a nun, but that's another story), she's also a very knowledgeable and learned art historian, which is the reason she talks about art on TV. Although since the BBC now have Rolf Harris doing art programs, she may be over-qualified even for rock music.
pottedstu, Mar 06 2002

       mcscotland - I'm surprised you missed the opportunity for a joke about kicking the habit...
goff, Mar 07 2002

       I'm more surprised so many halfbakery luminaries have visited this idea and its taken two days for this particular pun to rear its head.
mcscotland, Mar 07 2002


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