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Siri frontend to NSA backend

a little integration to make use of all that information
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"Siri, where are my car keys?"

"You got in late last night, so you probably left them next to the front door"

"Oh thanks, there they are. Hey wait, where are my house keys?"

"You texted your housemate to use them, and you would use the spare key"

"Oh right, I remember now. Thanks!"

"You're welcome. Glad to help!"

"Yeah, uh, did I finish that sales report last night?"

"You did; you emailed it just before midnight. It was a little long for what your boss asked, but he's been OK with even longer".

"Oh all right, thanks. Hey, how much do I owe for this service?"

"You paid your taxes on time this year, so I'd say we're good"

jpk, May 28 2014

Big Buddy Big_20Buddy
[not_morrison_rm, May 28 2014]

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       If there going to spy on you mine as well make it usefull
dev45, May 28 2014

       Ahem, Big Buddy....
not_morrison_rm, May 28 2014

       You pretty much have me beat, and three years ago.
jpk, Jun 06 2014


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