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Sixth Sense Sequel

Milking a plot
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I think there was a opportunity missed out in the film Sixth Sense to have an alternative ending.

Moving on from the point of the film where Willis and the boy solve the murder of the girl by her step mother, there is an opportunity to introduce additional plots and sequals.

I am thinking along the lines of the type of the seventies detective shows e.g. Mannix, Longstreet, Cannon, Barnaby Jones ... each of them with their own quirky style.

A type of Sixth Sense spin-off TV show, each week Willis and the boy appear at a crime scene and solve a mystery (riveting or what ?)

Would open up more opportunities for merchandising, further spin-offs etc.

Mysteriously / for his own ends, I don't know which, the boy never lets Willis into the fact that he is a zombie.

Then in the final episode of series 12, Willis finds out, but wakes up to find it was all a dream ....

fshome, Mar 23 2007

Randall and Hopkirk(Deceased) http://en.wikipedia..._Hopkirk_(Deceased)
So a bit like this then? [zen_tom, Mar 23 2007]

How many human senses are there? http://www.wisegeek...enses-are-there.htm
[hippo, Mar 26 2007]

Sense http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sense
[hippo, Mar 26 2007]

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AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 23 2007

       I like it! There needs to be a Moriarty-like nemesis too. I propose a toddler girl who has the Eighth Sense, and who is teamed with the astral projection of a 200-year old beaked whale.
bungston, Mar 23 2007

       Like the nemesis idea - but not a toddler, no - she should be mid thirties, single, and she could live in the city and complain to his friends how bad she is at having relationships, and then drink pink drinks and wear fluffy things because she's so girly.   

       BUT! It turns out that she's not really this at all - after a series of misadventures with woefully inadequate men, she realises that she's actually been harpooned forwards in time - with this realisation, she recoils back to her own time where she captains a ghost-ship, hunting for whales she can hoist aboard before trepanning their skulls in order to commune more effectively with them (this in turn is used to fullfill a sub-plot revealed by occasional flashback sequences from before she was a ghostly rouge and worked in an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a cowboy-boot supplier and outfitters. By means of these flashback sequences, we are introduced to soldiers of fortune, Bluebell, Jo and Ike, three cousins who, in 1972 escaped from a maximum security stockade, who's walls were entirely draped in folds of red cloth. They now spend most of their time outwitting members of the local police force by talking backwards and doing jumps in their souped up car, the General Grant. They initially appear to be completely unrelated to the main plot-line - and it's the dissonance of this fact that provides a little tension to the overall effect.   

       Meanwhile, the Piratical nemesis sails the high seas, getting into adventures. Each week concentrates on a member of her crew as they remember (through the flashback device again) how they got to be where they are today. These flashbacks are interspersed with a closeup of a sand-timer running down (at the start of the series, the sand timer is very full, but as we approach the end of the season, it gets closer to empty)   

       At the end of each episode, the nemesis stares off into the salty distance and says:   

       "I see Narwhals, yarrr"
zen_tom, Mar 23 2007

       Seventh Sense?
BJS, Mar 23 2007

       / trepanning their skulls in order to commune more effectively with them /   

       joke aside this is a very cool and eerie image that could be well used in the right kind of story.
bungston, Mar 23 2007

       Held motionless against the deck by strong nets and rope, the dying whale gasped for breath, unaccustomed to its own great weight. It loomed over the gathered sailors as they parted to make way for their mistress. She strode up to the Treppanner, heedless of the gore that splashed on her shoes and regal gown. "Is it done? Is it done?"   

       The Trepanner stepped back, disconcerted by her eagerness. He still held his auger. "Yes your Grace. It is done."   

       Her eyes flashed. She wheeled to face the whale, then quickly moved to the fresh hole in its skull, still streaming blood. "Now, Great One, I will know as you know!"   

       Aware of her presence, the cetacean rolled its expressionless eye to regard her. She paid it no heed, transfixed by the sight of the pulsing brain beneath the opening. She approached closely, then pressed her lips to the hole, blood soaking her face and dress. The sailors turned away.
bungston, Mar 23 2007

       //Then in the final episode of series 12, Willis finds out, but wakes up to find it was all a dream //
Oh no. Never do the wake up and it's all a dream thing. No way. What you want, in the second series, is a fully aware Zombie Willis solving crime with his little boy chum who has, through the wonder of casting, taken the form of someone significantly less annoying than the tombstone-toothed ba'heid Osment. In many ways, this is similar to the progression from Yes, Minister to Yes, Prime Minister. Anyway, the new old canard in this iteration of the series - and I'd avoid calling it the Eigth/Ninth/etc Sense as this idea (particularly with the time-travelling/piratical elements added) has mucho legs and we don't want to end up with the Forty-Ninth Sense, people won't take it seriously - but the new old canard here is Willis's constant struggle to solve crimes without having to resort to eating the grey, yielding brains of the people he is trying to help (much like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap, now I think of it). Thus a story arc - yes - is brought in to keep people watching, the arc being Willis's journey/struggle to find the magical lifegiving narwhal Kennedy (after whom the MTV VJ of yore was named, fact fans) and regain his humanity. After many series (and increasingly grotesque prosthetics for the "decaying" Willis), ratings will drop and it will be time for the kiss off, wherein Willis will find Kennedy and regain his humanity and he will DIE, cue much emoting and touching overacting from the now full grown (or perhaps not, maybe this character is a dwarf, that's one for central casting. Warwick Davis? Maybe, take a note, Miss Jones) Osment Replacement, which will, in spite of the diminished audience figures, gain the series much needed critical kudos and awards.
calum, Mar 23 2007

       I see silly people.
nomocrow, Mar 23 2007

       Spinoffs. Sequels. Merchandising. Yay. [-]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2007

       Isn't this just WIBNI?
nuclear hobo, Mar 24 2007

       Sixth Sense
Fifth Element
Twelve Monkeys
Anyone else see a theme in Bruce Willis movies?
coprocephalous, Mar 24 2007

       You mean we've still got nine more to come? Buggeration.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2007

       Nine more will probably just about cover the future Die Hard sequels.   

       <aside>I wonder if there's still anyone in the western world who doesn't know the twist ending to the Sixth Sense. It's probably the best known one, aside from "Luke, I am your father".</aside>
hidden truths, Mar 26 2007

       Unfortunately this idea is not really so original. Other than ye olde Randall & Hopkirk(Deceased) - "Jeff - It's Marty. I'm dead!", pointed out by [Z_T], there are a whole raft of psuedo spiritual detective shows doing the rounds at the moment:
Medium (some psychic lass)
The Dresden Files (some guy as a wizard)
Blood Ties (detectives and vampires)
John Doe (Guy who doesn't know who he is - but knows lots about everything else -> like perpetrated crimes)
Tru Calling (some woman talks to dead bodies)
Numb3rs (Why use ghosts when you can use mathematics to cobble together predictions?)

       Why ruin a bad formula. All we need is a better gimic...
My Two Sense. The ghosts of two dead foster-dads team up with the boy... solving crimes and parenting.
Sixth Sense: Miami - Same formula as film, just different location/cast and some poor acting behind shades.
Sixth Sense and Sensibility - Period spectre piece with Victorian ghosts. Very scrooge-esque.
Chas and Grave - Cockney havin-a-larff musicians continue their plinky-plonky adventures even though one of them is dead.
Jinbish, Mar 26 2007

       There are a lot more human senses than the 'classical' five senses (see links), so I don't see any problems with the high numbers if you're allowed to count e.g. Proprioception as a separate sense. Then there are plenty of non-human senses which could be utilised for a long-running series - "Series 9: The Boy with echolocation abilities!".
hippo, Mar 26 2007

       Chas and Grave! Forty thousand points to Jinbish.
calum, Mar 26 2007

       Sp: droll
Texticle, Mar 26 2007

       I forgot to mention that the boy falls out with the producers in series 6, demanding more per episode, eclipsing Willis.   

       Tables are turned and Willis is allowed to utter a preemptive 'I can see dead people' to the boy, which triggers a flashback to when the boy suffocated in the locked room at the top of the stairs. Boy exits from show.   

       The producers go 'what the hell' and in a panic/chain reaction to get ratings, the main cast are flushed from the show, as each in turn goes 'I can see dead people' .. 'No, I can see people ' etc. etc.
fshome, Mar 27 2007

       Is a "sequal" a further instalment that's just as good as the first one?
Murdoch, Mar 28 2007

       Yeah, and a "non-sequil" is one that doesn't bare any resemblence to the original.
Jinbish, Mar 28 2007

       Fabulous. I was just telling a friend "I've never seen that movie. I guess I should watch it, even though I know the kid is dead." But now you've spoiled the WHOLE movie for me.
Noexit, Mar 28 2007

       // <aside>I wonder if there's still anyone in the western world who doesn't know the twist ending to the Sixth Sense. It's probably the best known one, aside from "Luke, I am your father".</aside>   

       Who said that? Who is Luke's father? Is it Yoda?
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 29 2007

       It's Darth Yoda - the purple yoda - he appears in the 7th film - which is really the best one, it was filmed first, but only due for release in 2050, after it is unlocked from the vault where it's been interred by George Lucas - with instructions for it to be released only after his death.   

       Only those closest to the Star-Wars inner circle have knowledge of this information - so be careful who you tell about it. I'd tell you more, but it'd have to be our secret.
zen_tom, Mar 29 2007


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