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Skateboard Football

Football on Offroad Skateboards
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Everybody knows the rules to American Football....you know, 11 people lining up on offense and 11 people on defense, the quarterback yells "hut hut hike", the running back blocks in the pocket along with the offensive linemen buying enough time for the QB to toss the football to the wide reciever to make a run for the touchdown, or perhaps a QB scramble, etc....except for the rules are slightly different than Football. In this version, all those events take place, players wear the same helmets, shoulder pads, and knee/hip pads except for the players are playing it on offroad skateboards in the grass. It, essentially, adds a whole new dimension to American Football.
quantum_flux, Aug 17 2009

Offroad Skateboards http://farm1.static..._7bfb2e2211.jpg?v=0
[quantum_flux, Aug 17 2009]

American Football http://cache.daylif...Z9lodoAbjz/520x.jpg
[quantum_flux, Aug 17 2009]

Skateboard Football http://irrationalth...board-football.html
Here is an image of this brilliant sport. [quantum_flux, Nov 18 2009]


       Big offroad skate wheels. See linky.
quantum_flux, Aug 17 2009

       //Everybody knows the rules to American Football//
Oops, fell at the first hurdle.
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2009

       Strangely enough I was cooking up a very similar idea yesterday, except that I was going to use basketball which would allow for normal skateboards in a basketball court, and I was going to call it "Ba-skate-ball". Because I'm really witty.
wagster, Aug 17 2009

       Replace the ball with lambs and call it "Baa-skate-ball"
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2009

       Then give all the players twelve-gauges and call it "Baa-skeet-ball". Has all the makings of an Olympic sport.
wagster, Aug 17 2009

       Please no one suggest Bar-skat-balls...
theleopard, Aug 17 2009

       Yeah, well, being tackled off of a skateboard and onto hard concrete would hurt like heck though. Besides, I think people could build up enough momentum for the practical purposes if the grass was cut short enough like on a putting green.
quantum_flux, Aug 17 2009


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