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Taser touch football

Safe. Fun. Manly. American.
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Football is dangerous - people collide with each other and with the ground, and pads notwithstanding, they are hurt - sometimes crippled. Football fans like the strategery involved - so why not touch football? Clearly, violence is part of the appeal.

I propose taser touch football. Players would carry tasers and the ball carrier would be tased instead of tackled. Blocking would be the same - no grabbing, so no tasing. Getting tased hurts, but a perusal of youtube will show many taser parties and inebriated, giggling men tasing one another with no seious ill effects.. Getting tased is safer than physically tackling and subduing a person, which is why tasers help cops kill fewer people. TT football would retain the strategy and substitute a safer form of violence.

bungston, Nov 17 2007


       Does offense get tasers too? I mean, uh, just in case somebody fumbles the ball, which would probably happen every single play.
quantum_flux, Nov 20 2007


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