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The Peacepipe

convert an old destroyer
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There are many older military vessels the world over that must be recycled in some way. The tichonderoga class of U.S. destroyer is over 1,000 ft in length, 130 ft wide and some 80 ft high.

My idea is to get one or two of these and convert them into halfpipes that skaters could play on. The dimensions would dwarf any existing halfpipe and would offer the additional benefit of locating in tropical waters.

Imagine racing down an 80 ft. wall then up the opposite wall that was made somewhat shorter so that you could fly out over the ocean and plunge into the drink all while screaming the star spangled banner!

An option to the tropical version would be to send one up to the Arctic during the winter so that snowboarders would not be left out of the fun.

dora, Dec 04 2005

Ticonderoga class cruiser http://www.hazegray.../usa/surface.htm#cg
Not quite that big [lurch, Dec 05 2005]

ship sizes http://www.rpsoft2000.com/shipsize.htm
look at the Nimitz and the Enterprise size [dora, Dec 06 2005]


       Which reminds me, has anyone done a rotating pipe yet? (Imagine a hamster wheel for skaters.)
jutta, Dec 04 2005

       [jutta], i don't know who the hell you are, but you're probably the sharpest pencil ive found in the old box of pencils that is people. Peace, sharp pencil.
daseva, Dec 04 2005

       //all while screaming the star spangled banner// Do you actually know anyone who skates?
fridge duck, Dec 04 2005

       f. duck; many of my students skate.
dora, Dec 04 2005

       I realize this morning that the explanation needs more explanation: The deck of the destroyer would be torn up in part and a ramp installed down into the hull under the water level (outside). The superstructure would be kept and used as a gigantic party hause. Helicopters and small planes would ferry people and supplies to and from.
dora, Dec 04 2005

       [dora] If you didn't have my bun before, you do now.
wagster, Dec 04 2005

       //is over 1,000 ft in length, 130 ft wide and some 80 ft high//
<picky,picky,picky>A bit under 570 ft long, 25 ft of draft and 15 to 30 feet of freeboard. The only USN front-line ships that run over 88 feet of beam are aircraft carriers - the rest are restricted by the dimensions of the Panama Canal. </ppp>

       I don't board, but you still get my bun 'cause the Arctic option leaves open the possibility of a 5-inch deck-gun replica snow machine. No, no, I'm not letting anyone else operate it, didn't you see the "Beware Authorized Personnel" sign?
lurch, Dec 05 2005

       I don't know what would be more appealing to the boarders I know: Using it as a recreational playland or taking it out to International waters as a recreational drug land.   

       A hard day's rockin'...   

       This at least needs to go in a movie. I'll put it in one if I get the opportunity.
Eugene, Dec 05 2005

       + Watch out for those rogue waves.   

       Good for a spot of Parkour, but that's been done already.
skinflaps, Dec 05 2005

       Yarrr. Err. DUDE. Gets my bread. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2005

       Lurch: Sorry to not know my ships as I might. See the posted link for a couple of 1000'X 134'ships. I think I saw one at a garage sale last Saturday. hmmm.....
dora, Dec 06 2005

       //has anyone done a rotating pipe yet? (Imagine a hamster wheel for skaters.)//   

       I know nothing about skating, but my hunch is that the skater would approach the ground at much the same rate as on a stationary pipe, but with faster-spinning wheels.
pertinax, Aug 23 2007


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