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Suck Up Mop

No, it isn't constantly looking for approval
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I have just dropped a full cup of coffee. Big puddle of coffee all over the kitchen floor. Mopping it up is laborious, I always seem to end up adding more fluid to the mix than I am removing. Maybe it's because I'm not a girl or maybe it is because the mop is a basically poor design.

The Suck Up Mop looks like your average squeegee style mop but has a hole in the middle of the squeegee plate. The handle is a two part handle similar to a bicycle pump with much the same function. Pull the upper part of the handle and suction draws the liquid into the handle. To empty the handle push the handle down to squirt the fluid into the bucket.

The_Saint, Dec 31 2009

Average squeegee style mop http://www.lakeland...ead/F/product/20204
[The_Saint, Dec 31 2009]

A powered version of this idea. http://www.amazon.c...ender/dp/B000MY9FQY
The colour may be wrong, though. [Aristotle, Dec 31 2009]


       This idea sucks. [+]
swimswim, Dec 31 2009

DrWorm, Dec 31 2009

       My "this is baked" senses twitched. See link.
Aristotle, Dec 31 2009

       I knew a powered version had been baked. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner has been around a long time but I couldn't find a manual version.
The_Saint, Dec 31 2009

       Would it work on human blood in large quantities ? if so, [+].
8th of 7, Dec 31 2009

       Stuck-up mop:   

       "I'm not touching that floor - it's filthy!"
wagster, Dec 31 2009

       Stuck-up a mop.... Help! - Can someone please get me down? ??
xenzag, Dec 31 2009

       This is a tough one to confirm whether it exists or not, I have to admit - seeing that the mop and water extraction sphere is a crowded one.
Aristotle, Dec 31 2009


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