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Skull sutures

Precise timing of filling up
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Why do the partitions of our skulls finally join solidly together with a sort of clang exactly at the age of 81 [AD calendar]?

And moreover, the partitions fill up throughout life at an exactly right unchanging rate to finish their task at 81.

So unchanging is the rate of gap-filling that forensic specialists can confidently pronounce age at death of modern bodies, and archaeologists the same for extremely ancient remains.

Other growth-associated events such as tooth erupting and voice-breaking happen at slightly differing times, and therefore differing rates, according to environmental and individual differences.

I have no idea, half or fully baked, why my skull went solid three years ago, though I must admit to a noticeable resistance to the admission of new thoughts since then.

When I invite thought these days, a trumpet sounds in the street. Voices cheer. The doorbell rings. Footsteps echo on the stairs. A knock rattles the door. The door opens ... and nobody enters.

Aidez-moi mes amis d’alfbakerie, wot the ‘ell’s goin’ on ‘ere?

rayfo, May 03 2001

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie http://zapatopi.net/afdb.html
<pml><irony>Now the tectonic plates of your skull have joined up the Mind Control beams can't get in, which is why new thoughts are rare. The rest of us have to resort to these funny hats.</irony></pml> [hippo, May 03 2001]


       Well, I'm only halfway there-partner in crime rayfro. If at the time I reach hardheadedness I could be half the man you are I'll be happy
thumbwax, May 03 2001

       indeed. rayfo, venerable sir, (and this is a compliment) your posts always mess me up; forever my cranium is rattled. Thank you sir, may I have another?
absterge, May 03 2001

       My theory: the amount of time to your Age of Demise (AD) is inversly proportional to the percent of your waking hours you spend considering your demise, its effects on others, and the readiness of your aftercare arrangements (Worry%). Since this calculation uses Life's Midpoint (LM) (Hypothesized to exist if one lives right upon receipt of the first 'call to die' as a starting point--you're doing okay.
LM*[1+(1-Worry%)]=Age of demise

Race you to middle age!!
reensure, May 06 2001

       Yeah, Peter, for me the fat seems to be going to my head.
Dog Ed, May 07 2001

       I've heard of people drilling a hole in their forehead in an attempt to open up their "third eye". Perhaps what happens is that the naturally-occurring seams between the plates in the skull admit too many external ideas before they are fully sealed, and once they are shut a hole drilled in the front works like a pinhole camera to allow you to focus your thoughts. Therefore the sealing of the plates is an improvement, assuming you have a photographic memory.
Duffi, May 07 2001

       So that's what they mean by 'keeping an open mind'.
angel, Jul 09 2001


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