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"Oblivion" The 3d event keeping clock.

If we could only project holograms.
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Most effective when displayed on a large screen. The hands of the clock are at the center of a cone. The cone is just for the shape. Written on the clock hands would be the word "present". As time passed the various things you had or have to do would swirl towards the present and then into oblivion. Oblivion being the tip and the last half of the cone. The first half of the cone would be labeled "future". Lets say you have a paper due a couple weeks from now. You write it in on the bottom of the cone and as time passes the "paper due" memo swirls towards the the center of the cone eventually meeting up with the present. As the "paper due" memo passes the hands of the clock, it would gradually shrink and fade away into nothingness. Also as ideas or events approached the center of the cone or the "present" they would increase in rotational speed creating a greater sense of urgency. Colors would also be incorporated. The center would be oranges and yellows. The future would be a calm blue that would start in a darker shade and lighten up as the event approached the center. The tip of the cone would eventually be a fade to black. You could also change the angle at which you view the cone. Head on for when your placing an event in the future and an oblique view that shows the words and dates drifting, swirling through the cone.
10clock, Jun 24 2005


       Nice. [+]
david_scothern, Jun 24 2005


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