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Air Travel like you've never seen it.
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You're flight was canceled, again. The only flight left is the red-eye at 2 am, and you have to be on it. The SkyView 737 is your transport and it's surprisingly being paid for by your previous Airline for 2 cancellations. You get on the plane and instantly realize that you've been upgraded. The entire cabin's ceiling from front to back is split down the middle with a sky light.

As you approach 30,000 feet, the beauty of the night sky is presented to you in a panorama that is unmatched.

In the hot days of summer, simple shades could be used. Or even better, solar panels that slide over from on top of the baggage compartment.

Holeinmysock, Aug 08 2007

Window for plane http://www.livescie...1018_new_glass.html
Transparent Aluminum Oxynitride, half the weight of bullet proof glass. [Holeinmysock, Aug 08 2007]

Airplane Sunroof http://www.facstaff...h/MECH353/Aloha.JPG
[nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007]

AstronoPlane AstronoPlane
My high-flying airplane with windows in the top. [baconbrain, Aug 08 2007]

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       That's obviously only for the first and business class. Can cattle class have their skylight in the floor beneath their feet?
vincevincevince, Aug 08 2007

       The issue with this is that materials that you can see through tend to be very heavy and very brittle. Aircraft bend a little when they fly, which is why aircraft grade aluminium is actually quite poor quality (relative to, for example, marine grade). This is why the windows on the planes are very small.
miasere, Aug 08 2007

       Crash helmet visor plastic is pretty tough. Remember you need something with high tensile strength, it doesn't have to be particularly strong in compression.
marklar, Aug 08 2007

       I'm sure this is possible - it's just a matter of how much money it will cost.
wagster, Aug 08 2007

       If the fuselage didn't have to support the wings it wouldn't need to be so strong. You could get away with a clear polycarbonate (or possibly a lighter plastic) fuselage, like a giant plastic Coke bottle, hanging from a single rigid wing.
hippo, Aug 08 2007

       Baked [link].
nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007

       Ha! I'll wait for the next metal plane [nuclear].
wagster, Aug 08 2007

       I suggested something like this for astronomy flights. The discussions got kind of strange. (See link.)
baconbrain, Aug 08 2007


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