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static plane

a vertical plane
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My idea would be to have a passenger aeroplane which flies vertically up, out of the earths gravitational pull, waits there for say 5 hours (if your destination was New York) at a fun packed docking bay, for the earth to rotate, then fies back down - vertically. Saving fuel and time.
gizmo, Nov 20 2001

Orbiting Transfer Lounge http://www.halfbake...20Transfer_20Lounge
Shameless self-promotion. Also "saves fuel and time". [mrkillboy, Nov 20 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Give everybody a parachute and launch them from a cannon.
phoenix, Nov 20 2001

       Life was on hold until you were back, waugsqueke.   

       I'd rather risk crawling around in an underground 'chutes and ladders' sort of world than be catapulted up. I'd wager the bay at the orbiter would be packed…one look down and I'm not hopping into any plane (oops! This was an Outer Limits epidode, eh?)
reensure, Nov 20 2001

       Supposing you're west of New York? Wait for nearly one day?
AfroAssault, Nov 21 2001

       //Saving fuel and time//   

       Flying vertically up out of the Earth's gravitational pull would save fuel compared to what? Orbiting the moon a few times before flying to your destination maybe? I kind of doubt it would save fuel compared to a conventional airplane flight.
PotatoStew, Nov 21 2001

       This is, of course, utter nonsense in several different ways. You seem to be confusing "gravitational pull" with the Earth's rotation, you probably confuse free-fall orbits with the inverse square law of gravitational attraction, you have some incredibly off-kilter ideas about the amount of energy required to do things... can we delete this for sheer ignorance?
egnor, Nov 21 2001

       Flying out the gravitational pulls = flying out the atmosphere... millions dollar will be spend on fuel and cooling systems (when flying thru the atmosphere!!) I think u should check out the NASA site and see how much they spend on making a spacecraft that fly to space...
Simon7788, Feb 03 2004

       You can't escape Earth's gravity. In orbit, "centrifugal force" of going around the Earth equals the force of gravity. Hello Physics.   

       You could just go straight up then fall straight down to a different spot on the Earth...
sninctown, Apr 14 2005


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