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see-me plane

Airplane body made out of clear plastic
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I was on a commercial airline a while back and I noticed how small the windows were. I think I heard somewhere that they had to be small due to stress fractures and the like.

I think the whole body of the airplane should be made out of a big clear plastic pipe. You would see all the wiring, etc, below and above you as they would run through long shafts cast (or drilled) through the body, and the wings, seats, landing gear and other airplane stuff could be bolted on in the regular way. There would be no need for windows because you could see all the way around you, kind of like those special viewing areas on trains, except you see straight down too.

Also, you'd know if your luggage was onboard because you'd see it.

Crackpot, Dec 14 2006


       You work for the manufacturer of Windex, don't you?
Galbinus_Caeli, Dec 14 2006

       I'll take one, but only if it comes with a truth lasso.   


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